Tel Aviv Port: Epic Pittedness Nov 17, 2008


Mayslits Kassif Architect‘s have made what looks like an epic place to ride a bike or a skateboard. Surface articulation with regards to urban plazas is something the rest of the modern world seems to do so well. American building codes and clientele seem to keep landscape, building and urban designers on the flat z-axis, which is unfortunate.

The Tel Aviv Port looks like an awesome plaza. Great job.


Via Dezeen.

  • andrew

    I bet it’s an accessibility and maintence issue. That’d be a nightmare for anyone with a wheelchair, walker, cane. It’s be impossible to keep free of snow and ice. Moreover, parts would buckle or pop up after a few winters. Methinks it’s only take on lawsuit for that aesthetically pleasing dynamic planar wonderland to become backhoe refuse. That’s not to say I don’t agree with you, but as long as our country moves toward more government and more government control we’ll be answering to some asshat bureaucrat.

  • It’s in Tel Aviv. No snow. If you use a hardwood like Ipe, there will be no popping. In general, proper hardware and construction keeps such fabrications in order.

    Yokohama port terminal’s another example. Holding up well. There are numerous projects in Holland, whos winters are more severe than NYC’s and they have held up for decades.

    I think the accessibility thing is a valid observation, but in the same sense, I don’t think it’s a huge hassle. You don’t have to go on the wavy sections and there are more than enough flat sections of the project you can move about freely.

  • Andrew

    Haha, I know where Tel Aviv is, I’ve been there. I’m just explaining why we don’t see as much of this sort of stuff in the U.S. Litigation. Probably a bit of budgeting too. Not to say someone won’t go out of their way to push something like this. Aren’t you an architect? You should push for a project like this.

  • We do all the time, but “building code” and the DOB is very hard to sway. Good points and overall great commentary. Thanks dude.