NYBD Nov 1, 2008

NYBD – TKYO from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

Tak’s a rad dude who loves bikes and takes amazing pictures of both them and their riders. He recently had a few exhibitions in Japan and it looks like the party popped off proper! Kyoichi and 3Bancho reppin some Mishka in there are well.Check out this video from Jitensha-Jin.

3 responses to “NYBD”

  1. Has anyone messed around with putting some pegs on a fixed yet? I dunno about on the front, but on the back it might unlock some new areas for tricking. Get your “feeble grind” on and all that.
    Most pegs are so silly wide though, for a fixed you could saw like half of it off and still make it work.

    I figure someone will try it eventually

    just sayin…

  2. Charles Nelson Reilly says:

    Wow! Great tricks! I

  3. scissorneck says:

    wheres Trevor meyer when tricks are flying like this?…I rememeber back in the day sitting on my bike in the crystal mall watching trevor and shaloo busting sick late 80s flatland….shits dope humans can do this crazy fun sh*+