Fixed Crust Nov 11, 2008


Hey London Fixed… I WANT ONE OF THESE SHIRTS! Someone holla! I have monies!

  • Monies are crust kid kryptonite! You should offer up some vegan doughnuts you pulled out of a dumpster. That’s what they use as bartering chips here in Seattle.

  • Drew

    Nausea? Fuck yes.

  • I want one too. I still have my crust punk clothes from back in the day!

  • ‘ello, ‘ello, London calling.
    Glad you like. Nausea Rule. Its got ‘No Gods No Masters’ on the back of the neck inside a cog…
    If you want one you can get one here:
    Is £10 a lot in dollars these days? Sorry if it is; they;re not meant to be expensive

  • the shirt is just shy of $20 including shipping. a little pricey for crusties, but well priced for the employed.