Charge Ti Nov 12, 2008


Look at what Superted will be riding in the near future. A Ti Charge… Talk about durable and light!

Now, get the man some pedals!

Via FGLondon’s Flickr

  • I wanna get this straightened out that fork is a charge nozzle right?

    on the description for the nozzle it says it runs 24″ or 26″ wheels thats obviously 700c but, it looks just like the nozzle.

    I figure prolly probably knows?

  • a 26″ Rigid fork will run 700c wheels. So yeah, that is the nozzle in the 26″ model. You can also look at Black Market, DMR and other 26″ rigid forks.

  • Hey guys… It is not actually a Nozzle fork, but a custom version for Ted (with out suspension fork correction – which the Nozzle has) The Nozzle is about 2″ longer and will slacken your head angle off quite a bit. A version of the fork in the pic is in the pipeline – due for production next year.