Bootleg Sessions 3 Nov 26, 2008


So Burd finally let the cat out of the bag. Bootleg Sessions 3 is ON. He’s almost done scouting for new riders and since the release will most likely coincide with Empire‘s release, I don’t think there will be many if any NYC riders in the 3rd installment of Bootleg Sessions.

That being said, time to sack up and get out of the parking lot. Get onto them walls kids!

Tom and Tony, once again, showing everyone how it’s done.


Steve, once again, showing everyone how it’s done by who does it… does that even make sense?

  • Well.. better come and scour california then…

  • Kyoichi

    what is going on in that first picture…
    no, i don’t wanna know!

    nice hat tony! :)

  • T-bone

    Thanks for the hat Kyoichi. I’ve been wearing the shit out of it.

  • Vince

    I hope the MPLS kids can get in on some action this time!!