Blue State Nov 7, 2008


I just wanna say that I never thought I’d see my home state of North Cak turn blue!

  • Word – I’m an NC to NY transplant as well, and it was great news to hear that yesterday. Finally we can start to repair NC’s redneck connotations. Good times!

  • Andrew

    I love how you think a state voting liberal is going to suddenly make people think it’s less of a redneck state.

  • ….?

    It’s a step in the right direction!

  • You’re a tarheel?

  • Andrew

    I’m just saying that ignorance is a human condition, not a cultural one. There’s just as many ignorant fucks per capita in Manhattan as there is in North Carolina, the difference is the ones in North Carolina don’t pretend to be the educated elite. There’s no way to socially engineer the country to live in one culture, one way of life. We need to embrace our differences, allow people to live the way they’d like to, less federal control over individual sub-cultures.

    I’m sensing a libertarian rant…will stop.

  • I grew up in Wilmington, Wrightsville beach NC. Southern boy! Bojangles fried chicken, Lexington style BBQ, Sweet tea and Cheerwine all the way!