Black Profile Nov 3, 2008


Got the first half of my new wheelset’s hubs in the mail today. Profile makes the sickest fixed hubs. The black anodizing just looks so boss. Waiting on those fix / fix hubs to get colored too!

These beasts will be laced up to Sun DS1-XC (Welded) XC rims. Eyeletted and welded. Much stronger than deep section rims.

Get low get low.

  • Julian Melendez

    if you got any spare wheelsets/rims, lemme know!

    and hit me up to ride when you’re in philly!

  • Ferris: It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

  • I have beaten the shit out of my current wheels for the past few months. The rims look like a ball-pin hammer was taken to them, but the hubs spin like butter…

  • nickinwi

    hot damn, love new rims. stealth, bitch.

  • I totally agree about going with an eyeletted and welded rim, let’s make these things able to take anything!

    Looks like you’ll have a super strong (and hot) set of wheels!

  • brenton

    29″ or 26″ rims?

    the black hubs look super nice.

  • 700c XC Touring not really 29r because the rim’s width is pretty similar to a standard 700c wheel.

    Tom, I agree!

  • Julian M.

    if you’re willing to part ways with the hubs, hit me up on the forums! im curious as to how much you’re willing to drop them for.. they’re purple right hahaha