Starforkers Oct 29, 2008


Japan-based Starfuckers have created a pretty bad ass fork. Can’t tell if it’s a unicrown or not, but it does look like 1 1/8″, which is stronger than 1″ for sure. Take note of their dual-dropout system for adjusting your rake depending on how you’re riding your bike at the time. Interesting spin on things for sure.


  • nice. yeah, those look tough…

  • nickinwi

    yep. unicrown. welded at the steerer tube. go to the website and look closely at the larger photo. neat, yes. heavy as hell, yes. worth it? questionable. it is worth it to put it on the market, though. people will buy it.

  • Totally worth it! Weight on the street is negligible. Especially for a urban assault bike that you commute on and do tricks on. I’ve broken a few forks doing 180s and 360s. The old-school unicrown design BMXs and MTBs use are the best tools for the job.

  • Thank you for blog up!There is also new Fork!