Empire Begins Oct 28, 2008

We’ve been working hard and it’s finally come time to release the teaser for Empire, a film about having fun on your bike in the City.

Website is here

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

  • chris

    so good, watched it twice at work already!

  • Sick.

  • stephen

    that was bad ass, so excited!

  • alexander case

    wow, nice.

    i saw myself in the background when tom is handing off the drinks.

    looks like it is gonna be awesome for sure

    any idea of a estimated release date?

  • Andrew

    Nice work. What type of camera(s) and medium(s) was this shot with? What’s that song?

  • Rndo

    that’s such a sweet video, i hope that i could be part of something like this sometime.

  • Ben

    Great trailer, it’s exciting to see some emphasis being brought back to riding, I hope this film does a good job of balancing out all aspects of fixed gear riding.

    I’m super stoaked for it.

  • this kicks MAJOR ass. now don’t take 4 years to finish it…

  • blim

    Were those first couple time lapse shots shot with a tilt-shifted lens?

  • Looks good. makes me want to ride fast! I was wondering what he was gonna do with those time lapse clips!

  • ben

    This looks really good.

  • Andrea

    You’re on gothamist. Hey, any press is good press, right?

  • DBR

    Wow. I’ve watched a lot of these videos. Ridden a lot. That’s the first time I’ve been shocked and awed by traffic weaving to a spellbound extent. Well freakin’ done/shot/everything.

    What’s the song?

  • Parts & Labor “Fractured Skies”