All City Cranks Oct 28, 2008


I know these have been posted in various other places, but they’re available at your LBS through QBP right now. All City Cycles meeting the demands of today’s market for sure. Tons of colors too!

  • Check it out fellas.

    You do realize that there are plenty of bmx cranks that will definitely do the job better than a square-taper, spidered crank right? I don’t know if producing yet another variation of anodized aluminum 144bcd cranks is really “meeting the demands” of anything other than people that want to upload a new picture to fixedgeargallery or velospace.

  • You do realize [well, maybe not] that BMX cranks do not like back-pedaling and on fixed gears you DO BACKPEDAL. For this reason Profile is introducing a new system for their racing cranks. Trust me here, you don’t want to ride a BMX crank “as is”. I have friends that do and it’s not the right equipment.

    I think introducing another inexpensive anodized crank will sell and will meet the demands in today’s market.

  • any word on how these compare to some sugino messengers or something along those lines?