14 Bike Co Keyring and Fixed Mag Package


14 Bike Co Keyring and Fixed Mag Package

I just met up with Fish from Condor Cycles over at Post Bikes. Fish is in town for a few days and he had a small care package for me from the guys at 14 Bike Co. and Fixed Mag. These badges are supposed to be for your keyring, but it’s too damn pretty to get all scuffed up so it’s going in my glass case with my Campagnolo belt buckle.

I also got a few copies of Fixed Mag and some stickers, which you can see below.

If you want a copy and you live in NYC, hit me up! Either holla at my Twitter, or shoot me an email. I don’t have a lot, so act quick.

Oh and Andy, I sent your camera back with Fish!

14 Bike Co. Keyring