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New Heavy Pedal Site

Terrance and the guys from Heavy Pedal have been working hard on their new site. Head over and check it out!

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What Am I Thankful For?

It’s that time of year again, where we come together to be thankful for this year’s blessings. I think everyone has asked themselves this question at some point but every year I like to reflect on what I’m thankful for.

I want to take this moment to thank you, the readers, for coming to this site and engaging in (somewhat) positive discourse. Thanks to the builders for supplying us with eyecandy. Thanks to the photographers who have captured this culture, the riders for pushing themselves for our enjoyment, the companies for addressing our needs and finally, my supporters for making my job possible.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed anything positive to this site. You make all this worth while!

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Francesco Rachello: Red Hook Crit Milan Training

Photo by Francesco Rachello

The Red Hook Crit Milano is already building up a ton of cadence. So far, eight riders from the US are confirmed and that has the Italians a bit nervous, sending them to the streets for training sessions. Francesco was there to document the night time riding. Check the rest of the photos out here!

Who are the eight riders?

1. Neil Bezdek
2. Alexander Barouh
3. Kacey Manderfield
4. Nathan Trimble
5. Chris Thormann
6. John Kniesly
7. Chas Christiansen
8. Jon Phillips

Best of luck guys!

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Waterfalls and Overlooks in Kauai

Yesterday was a whirlwind experience. We drove to just about every overlook on Waimea Canyon (next time I’m bringing my road bike!) and hit up various waterfalls. I haven’t jumped off a 20′+ tall cliff in years and it was the most fun I’ve had on the trip. I posted up some more below, so check them out!


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Lasco Brand Introduction

I know this is off-topic as anything but over the past few weeks, I’ve been having this discussion with many of my friends about how people, for the first time in decades really, are actively seeking out high-end, made in the USA products. Lasco is a brand based in LA that’s seeking out these customers. Their website is really empty right now but this video is pretty informative. At least this company isn’t owned by anti-abortion scumbags in hippie’s clothing.

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