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Yonder Journal: Iron Pass

Yonder Journal’s multi-day, long narrative stories require a lot of time to truly delve into. For those looking for a great read, featuring trail side BB catastrophe, river spills, Canadian wood chopping and epic scenery, don’t miss out on the Iron Pass entry at Yonder Journal.

Oct 14, 2015 6 comments

Have you ever felt like you’re not as Macho as you could be? Been awhile since you flexed your bicep and shredded your shirt sleeve? Feeling like you could get bigger, leaner, and tanner? Well if there is one person in the world that has never experienced this type of physical let down its Benedict “Poppi” @ultraromance Wheeler. But don’t fret, Poppi can you help you get the flex you have always wanted,  the flex he has always had.

In Club Macho episode 3. Benny’s Builder’s Bar Workout. Poppi gets down to business and gives you a manual for how to get cut. Head over to Yonder Journal and flex your eyes on the protein fueled routine that will put you behind the wheel of a convertible sports car in no time.

Note: Before you begin this program, bend your arm and attempt to bring your index finger to your shoulder. If you can achieve this feat of useless mobility, your bicep is under developed, atrophied, and is a macro indication that your entire body suffers similar clinical afflictions.

Jul 22, 2015 2 comments
Yonder Journal’s Piute Pass Has Begun

The gang took to high Sierra in their latest excursion, which coincidentally still had snow at altitude. Snow and rain. Did I mention it’s still cold up in those parts? Day 01 seems like a cake walk compared to what they’ll experience later on in the trip, so head over to Yonder to read all about it, while their bikes are still in one piece…

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Yonder Journal and Ultra Romance Take You to Club Macho

I had no idea this was even a thing! Benedict, aka Ultra Romance has a feature on Yonder Journal entitled “Club Macho” where he lays down the law on what it takes to be a Bike Hobo in contemporary society. Episode 01 takes you to New Zealand, somewhere that might not be super obtainable for you Northern Hemispherites, yet Episode 02 takes place in Shredona, Arizona…

I’ll take full creative direction on that bottle of Rosé in Bene’s Iris King Cage tho’…

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Yonder Journal: Sunchuli Pass – Lord Nerd Beta

While the first day of the Sunchuli Pass’ coverage focuses mostly on gear and bikepacking check lists, there are a lot of excellent passages like the following:

“We went to Bolivia because of the mines.

Everywhere else in the world roads go where roads go and trails go where trails go. There is very little confusion about which is which, and it’s clear where one ends and the other begins. Roads are wide, paved or graded, and maintained to some degree. Trails get rad. In Bolivia, because of the mines, the situation is more fluid.

If gold was discovered on the top of Mt Whitney, and California didn’t give a fuck about large scale mining and environmental stewardship because it was the poorest country in South America, somebody with three snow shovels lashed to the front of a minivan would figure out how to build a road to the top. Now imagine thousands of Whitneys, only 40% taller, steeper and more rugged. That’s the Cordillera Apolobamba.

That’s why we went to Bolivia. To ride a network of the world’s most ambitious, ludicrous roads. Roads that defy physics. Roads that weave throughout an ancient and venerable Alpine Wonderland that is currently transitioning into to Tolkien’s Mordor.”

Like this? I do. If you do, you can continue reading more from Yonder Journal’s recent excursion to Bolivia. There’s also a great list of what kind of gear to carry and how in this post. I can’t wait to find out if they finished the damn ride this time. Also, how fuckin’ metal is that poster?!

May 21, 2015 4 comments
Yonder Journal’s Dead Reckoning

The latest from Yonder Journal is quite possibly (actually, it just is) the largest project the team has ever undertaken. Here’s the synopsis:

“In 2015, Yonder Journal will investigate, ascertain, and document the peripheries and possibilities of exploration by bicycle. We call this project Dead Reckoning*. At it’s core we will apply the technologies and methodologies of adventure biking, bike-packing, and ultra-lightweight touring, to multi-day expeditions with a focus on going Over Mountain, the concept of Over Mountain being the the most essential and transformative form of human exploration.

The first of our Dead Reckoning expeditions took us to New Zealand’s South Island where we would attempt to cross the island from east to west, traveling across roads, trails, and unmarked land that has seldom if ever seen bike traffic. The crux of our route would be a Broderick Pass, a seldom traveled route hidden deep in the Southern Alps. It was quite an adventure.”

Check out some samples below and the full, massive photo story at Yonder Journal.


Mar 31, 2015 9 comments
Yonder Journal: Wilderness Prints

Illustration by Nathaniel Russell

This print from Yonder Journal celebrates and congratulates Wilderness. Here’s an excerpt:

“Congratulations Wilderness. Congratulations Wilderness for being just what you are, not that you need our gratitude. You would be better off without us anyway, the conscious, self-righteous/self-loathing, needy us. You would even be better off without the fawning, in awe, perpetually blissed-out us, the enlightened us, the elevated us. You would just be better off without us, without our tents, our non-motorized vehicles, our horses, our campfire rings, and our buried feces, you would still be you, an even better, cleaner, you, you would be Wilderness just as you were meant to be, absent the blight of consciousness, the acne of sentience.”

You should read the whole piece at Yonder Journal and pick up a print at the YJ Web Shop!

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