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The 2013 PiNP Calendar: November

This is the eleventh layout of the 2013 PiNP Calendar, entitled “Team Raleigh Track”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

The Team Raleigh track bikes might be one of the most iconic liveries in cycling. The classic yellow, red and black paint, mixed with a straight forward, no nonsense British craftsmanship lands these bikes in the grail category for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This bike in particular is built with Campagnolo pista, Cinelli and was raced in Victoria. Don’t worry, more photos of this beaut are coming!

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Andy’s Euro Sport Road with Campagnolo 11

For some reason, I always assumed Euro was based in, I dunno, Europe? Turns out, Brian Hayes builds Euro Sport frames in Australia, which is where, coincidentally, Andy picked up this very frame. Now, to go from a Llewelyn as your everyday road bike to a Euro Sport might seem strange to some (it did for me), for Andy, it speaks one thing: Australian racing pedigree.

This bike is the shit. Euro Sport frames have been ridden by the Aussie National Team extensively. They’re aggressive, steep and responsive. This particular frame was built by Brian Hayes for Brett Lancaster, an Aussie pro. While Brian’s work has dabbled in ostentatious paint jobs before, he can’t recall painting this specific job… Which means, clearly aliens painted it because it’s out of this world, bro.

Paint alone doesn’t make the bike. You have to know how to piece it together. Enter FYXO: the man knows how to build a bike. Campagnolo Athena 11 speed, with custom panto, C-Record influenced cranks, Cinelli cockpit, Absolut Fyxo bidons, Regal saddle and good ol’ made in the USA White Industry hubs laced to Mavic Open Pros.

I love this bike, almost as much as I love its owner, so I spent extra time photographing it. See more in the Gallery!

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Andy’s Euro Track with Campagnolo Pista

I first met this bike back when FYXO was Fyxomatosis, in Japan and if I recall correctly, it had a little more white and a little more red paint covering its tight angles. There is no shame in a respray – although I did like the original paint – especially when you’re looking to give your favorite bike a facelift. Or in this case, make it a minimal race machine.

Last weekend, as I was hanging around Maison de Blanc, I asked Andy if I could shoot his Euro track bike. Maybe it was the bright white tape, or the supple and soft white Rolls saddle (which, by the way is pain to photograph without a polarizing filter), but it was just begging for some clever placement photos against his father’s tractor.

Modern, mixed with vintage Campagnolo, a FYXO track ring, impeccable paint and classic wheels… what else would you expect? Check out more in the Gallery!

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Merckx Mondays

Molteni sausages were onto something when they sponsored a young bicycle racer by the name of Eddy Merckx in 1971. Not only were they to see a huge jump in sales from his many victories (someone give me a source!), but little did they know, their brand was to be embodied in one of the most iconic colors in cycling history.

While this frame in particular is not an original Molteni, it still looks mighty nice sitting atop this Kubota.

I have been dangerously low on Merckx Mondays content, so when I was over at Maison de Blanc over the weekend, I asked FYXO to shoot one of his many Merckx frames. “Which one?” he asked, to which I replied, the one that’ll look the best on your dad’s mower.

Granted, this is by no means the “nicest” Merckx frame in Andy’s man cave, it just looked so quant… See for yourself in the Gallery!

This, like everything in the world of FYXO, is for sale. Interested? Shoot him an email.

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Colnago Decor with Campagnolo Record

I swear, when I’m in Melbourne, it’s like classic steel roadie overload. Normally, I’m content with my modern steel but after a day at Shifter Bikes, I’m ready to start piecing together an Italian race machine. Dan has so many amazing builds coming out of his shop at the moment, but my favorite is this Colnago Decor with Campagnolo Record. Why? See for yourself in the Gallery!

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Merckx Mondays

Eddy Merckx, 525 victories and style icon. Seriously, that man had such rad sideburns. Classic cycling photography was so good!

*these two photos are from the Merckx 525 book.

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Dawn Painter Knows Campagnolo
campagnolo set1 smaller

… at least as far as I’m concerned. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably seen the work from the UK artist before. After a reader forwarded me Dawn Painter’s portfolio site, I spent a good amount of time poking around at the various illustrations. Naturally, the Campy jersey and bidon were my favorite but there’s too much good stuff in there to not share.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dawn Painter’s site!

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