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Black Vanilla Road Frame for Sale

Sometimes frame builders end up with a frame to sell to the public and it just so happens that Vanilla’s got something to offer to the tall people out there:

“Available today, maybe just in time to sneak under the tree, is this 2013 Vanilla road frame. It’s roughly a 60cm, see specs here, and features brushed stainless steel head tube lugs, “V” dropouts and drive side chain stay. This frame also includes internal rear brake cable routing, hand carved and thinned lugs, two pair of bottle bosses and meticulous paint work by Coat Paint Shop.”

Check out more details here.

Dec 13, 2013 8 comments
Pre-Order the Speedvagen Kit Until March 20th

Straight from the Speedbloggen:

“Army green has been one of Speedvagen’s core colors for, well, since the very first prototype I made back in 2006. I love the the icon of militarism and the toughness that the color represents juxtaposed by the goofiness of racing your brains out and crashing cross bikes in the mud with your friends. I’ve wanted to do an army green kit for a long time but as I started to dig into the design I was conflicted: On the one hand, you have all of this space that you can fill with words and logos; get all bilboarded up, right? But I kept coming back to the idea of a uniform. A uniform is clean, crisp, balanced, minimal. This kit doesn’t need a lot of shit on it to get noticed in the peloton and for that matter, the more I put on it, the less it really says.

We wanted to offer  something special to our Speedvagen family and friends. Offering the team kit up for you all seemed like just the way to do that. We’ll be taking orders for two weeks only and we won’t be keeping any back stock. This means that only a handful of you will have the kit, well, you and our 6 team members. We’re planning to offer a fall/winter kit too, something a little warmer for cross and getting in base miles.

The jacket and vest, originally designed by Jeremy Dunn (of Embrocation fame) are an abstract design in our signature blue, army green, and red with an explosion of Speedvagen text and sheilds. The answer to the abstract outer layers is the strictly business base kit in army green with color bands as punctuation on the sleeves, legs, and collar with Speedvagen shields enblazoned on the chest, back, and legs. We also have a new Team cap that you can add to your order.

Castelli makes some of the best apparel available and has for over 100 years. Plus they’re right down the road from us, so it only makes sense that we work with them for our racing gear. All of the clothing is made here in the Northwest and the items we’ve selected for you are the top of the line of what Castelli has to offer. Wear them well. To place an order please visit the order page.

If you have any questions drop us a line: [email protected]

Check out more photos of the kit at the Speedbloggen.

Mar 10, 2013 Comments are OFF
Introducing the Speedvagen Integrated Cross Stem Collaboration with ENVE

If you follow @thevanillaworkshop on Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen this project unfolding. Over the years, Speedvagen has been working with ENVE on their Integrated Cross Stem. This stem’s unique integrated front brake routing replaces the traditional cable hanger and the associated flex, weight, chatter and unsightly lines that come with it. Personally, I kinda liked my Funky Monkey but I’ll go with the Speedvagen mantra on this one: “Take away everything that isn’t essential and refine what’s left”.

I just installed the CX Worlds 2013 Commemorative stem on my already dialed Geekhouse Mudville and it instantly feels more patriotic. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the CX Worlds but at least I can ride the shit out of this stem. Although, I will be missing the bourbon!

Pick up one of the CX Worlds 2013 Commemorative Speedvagen Integrated Cross stems here and the standard Integrated Cross Stem here.

Check out the technical info below and more shots in the Gallery.


Jan 30, 2013 30 comments
Speedvagen Don’t Give A…

… well, you know. This is the kind of attention to detail that you’d normally see in a NAHBS showpiece but no, this is standard issue over at Coat. See the rest of this rad Speedvagen Cross build over at the SV Flickr.

Jan 29, 2013 1 comment
Tom’s 2008 Speedvagen Cross Machine

In the spirit of Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite bikes from yesterday’s Cross Crusade here in Portland. Tom is a close friend of the Vanilla / Speedvagen family. He puts on the Kiddie Kross races at the ‘Crusade series and races in the singlespeed category on his lovely 2008 Speedvagen Cross Machine.

Opting for the more eccentric “Surprise Me” paint job, his metal steed is covered in a red, white and blue livery, all brought together by a line of stars. It’s really something else! See for yourself in the Gallery.

Nov 12, 2012 15 comments
Ross’ Speedvagen Road

Since moving to Austin and meeting Ross, all he’s been talking about was his 2012 Speedvagen build that he was ever so patiently waiting for. In the time he was sitting on the list, he began collecting parts. The Campagnolo group was a no-brainer, but the Clavicula cranks, Praxis rings, EE Cycle Works brake calipers and Alchemy hubs were above and beyond a standard kit, even for Ross. I have to say, I see a lot of balleur road bikes these days but this one is by far a favorite. See for yourself below!

Oct 2, 2012 46 comments