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Sizemore Bicycle: Bro Cycling Team Shirts

I’m digging these new Sizemore tees, designed by Tyler Johnson and am honored to be ripping in the Shred Club!

“Shred club is a cycling team made up of our favorite people. We are made up of designers, business owners, teachers, models, skateboarders, artists, and cyclists.

I am unexperienced at graphic design to say the least, but I found this beautiful image that John Watson took at the Tour of California in 2012. This dude looks like he is straight out of the 70’s. I couldn’t believe it: the type is so perfect, everything really in this photo is perfection. Instantly, I thought “Bro Cycling Team” has to be done. Created a lil hunting target style emblem up front and you have the first shirt for Shred Club. We will be doing more products by partnering with some of our sponsors and can’t wait to share them with you. Pick up one of these shirts quick because you know they will go FAST!”

$25 – Printed on 5.2oz american made t-shirts”

Scoop at Sizemore!

Mar 15, 2013 3 comments
CSK: Physical Therapy

The Collard Shirt Krew always brings the creative street riding to the forefront of FGFS and their newest video is no different. Some of the lines Tyler pulls here are absolutely insane. That footplant 270 is gnarly as is that last clip.

Mar 12, 2013 2 comments
Tyler Johnson for Hold Fast

Fixed freestyle’s Johnny Cage, Tyler Johnson is now repping and ripping Hold Fast’s 26″ frame, the Subverter. While I appreciated Tyler’s riding when he was pegless, the few clips at the end are ridiculous! I guess it goes to show that Tyler rips, regardless of bike or setup.

Feb 28, 2013 5 comments
Woof Jakarta: Why Do You Like Riding a Bicycle? 01

I had the pleasure of meeting Woof while in Jakarta. We nearly spent 24 hours a day together and so it was a little sad on the last day when he asked us all to do a “Why do you like riding a bicycle?” video. Here’s the first two in the series, featuring Tyler and Walton. I had so much fun with these two in Indonesia…

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