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Notes on Flying with a Bicycle

If anyone can tell you about traveling on an airplane with a bike, it’s me. I spend just about every other week flying with my bike, all over the country and the world. In doing so, I’ve established a routine that works without issue but it takes a little bit of planning before you even begin to pack.

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Jul 30, 2013 65 comments
On the Road Again

The past few days, I’ve been down in North Carolina, visiting my family. This morning, we left to head up to Vermont for that JDRF ride. My brother is heading in from Maryland and will accompany my mom and me on the ride… It’s an 18 hour drive, so expect updates tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for being understanding! It’s the summer and that means road trips and family time.

Jul 23, 2013 1 comment
Catch Ya Later SF!

It’s been real fun. There will be much more coverage on the way, but I’d like to say thanks to some of the people who made this trip such a unique experience:

-Mission Workshop (you guys rule!)
-Bike Mag
-Geoff at Box Dog Bikes
-Victor from Archive Bags
-Chas and Lindsey from TCB Courier
-Benny Gold
-John from Rapha
-Kyle and Adria from Golden Saddle Cyclery
-Brian Vernor
-Ibis Cycles
-Garrett from Strawfoot
-Steve from Godspeed
-Tailor Stitch
-Extra Bigger / DNO
-Four Barrel
-Trouble Coffee

Jun 25, 2013 1 comment
I Know I Know

It’s been a long couple of days on the road for the ATOC this year. Mostly filled with the riding to blogging ratio tipped towards saddle time. The trip has been very productive, while veering a little to the left of the norm. I didn’t find myself in a neutral support car, or scouring the crowds at the start of the race. Instead, we soaked up the riding that the various host cities had to offer.

Tomorrow morning (read: in 7 hours), I’ll be at the start of the 2013 ATOC in SF and then at the Rapha Cycle Club for my photo show all day. Swing by both to catch up!

May 19, 2013 1 comment
Heading Out to Cali

Over the next few months, I’ll be spending more time on the road than I will in Austin and it all begins today with Los Angeles for the Amgen Tour of California. Last year, I was in LA and SF almost as much as I was in ATX. This summer, it’ll be even more.

Expect nothing but the best on-the-road coverage for the next week or so…

May 13, 2013 Comments are OFF
I Can’t Wait to Be Home

Tomorrow morning (in a few hours here), I leave Australia for Austin. A solid 24 hours of travel awaits but I’ve got a few things scheduled for Monday, so stay tuned!

Apr 21, 2013 1 comment
Zài Jiàn Shanghai!

These past few weeks have been absolutely incredible. Our bike tour was easily one of the most exhilarating rides I’ve ever been on. To be concise, it was an eye-opening experience. I really thought that I knew what China was all about but almost immediately, I realized my preconceptions vastly polarized. My anxieties about some situations subsided, as the harsh reality of globalization’s effect on a ancient land settled in.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for the realities that hide on the outskirts of the city. As my film gets processed and scanned, I’ll begin think about how I’ll present my experience on paper. Right now, I feel like I’ve been nursing a two week long hangover. My body aches, my head is pounding and my lungs need some recovery time. So would I do it again? Of course.

When it’s all said and done, I’ve met some truly amazing people and had the opportunity to share all these experiences on bikes with them. I’ll say in confidence that we all will walk away from this trip with some great memories and for that, I’ll always be thankful to the communities that we rode with, the towns we stayed in and the guys at Factory 5.

Until next time, Shanghai, zài jiàn.

Apr 7, 2013 5 comments
Subject and Subjected

Photo by Hou Jue

Photos by Jeff Liu

In recent months, I’ve started to find myself in front of a lens almost as much as behind it, especially on this recent tour. Riding through China was overwhelming  from a photography standpoint. Everything was rich in texture and as a foreigner, the everyday was visually engaging. When I could, I’d stop and shoot, or ask one of the riders to pause for a portrait.

Just about everything was natural and that’s something James from Adventure Refugee tried to capture in his video pieces for Mission Workshop. We’d leave with no plans, or script and would point out shots, or spaces when we came across them. In a land like China, nothing is predictable, you’ve just got to go with your instincts.  That applies to the subject and the subjected.

Apr 5, 2013 2 comments
We’re Back in Shanghai

Last night, we arrived in Shanghai, where we’ll stay until Monday night. Saturday night is the Mission Workshop party at Factory 5 where I’ll be displaying some of my favorite digital photos from the trip. There will be mountains of free beer, good music and great people. If you’re in Shanghai, roll through!

Unfortunately, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and even Gmail (sometimes I can load it up) is blocked in China, so regular blog posting won’t commence until I’m in Australia on Tuesday (your Monday). Thanks for understanding and if you sent an email, there’s no need to forward it again and again, I received it…

Expect some more Shanghai-related posts to go up periodically over the next few days, including bike portraits, so stay tuned.

Apr 4, 2013 9 comments
Mission Workshop _ PiNP Bike Tour: Day 08
Riding no handed, shooting photos of this dude in pitch black was a blast.

I think I speak for the whole gang when I say that we’re all very happy to be done with the bike tour of China. It wasn’t so much the distance, because on paper, it’s not that much, totaling around 300 miles. But when you consider everything we encountered, it was one of the most sobering experiences of my life.

One of the things I did look forward to each night were the group rides. For me, it’s rad to see what and how people are riding in each city. Hangzhou was no different from the other cities. Most of the riders were young, most had cheap “rainbow fixies” but some had insane track bikes, ready for the boards…

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery and keep an eye on Mission Workshop’s (@MissionWorkshop), Factory 5 (@Factory5) and my Instagram (@JohnProlly) during the day for updates.

Apr 3, 2013 9 comments