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Ride Along: Hanson Little and His Dodge Sportsmobile
Ride Along: Hanson Little and His Dodge Sportsmobile

Leaving your nest ain’t easy, especially when your home town has been good to you. Hanson Little used to be a pro BMX rider – on paper – he still rips and takes trips from time to time, but his days of going big are limited by past injuries and the desire to keep on the bike, not healing off it.

Recently, Hanson bought a van and sold all of his belongings, save for a few bicycles. He plans on spending a great deal of time on the road over the next few months, but before he left town, I met up with him and shot some photos of his new mobile digs.

This weekend, I sent over some interview questions, which he promptly replied to… check them out below in a special Ride Along!


Apr 23, 2014 1 comment
Exploring the Frozen Apostle Island Sea Caves
Rad Reportage: Exploring the Frozen Apostle Island Sea Caves

Some of the best experiences I’ve had on “bike trips” haven’t been related to cycling at all. Case in point: in the early talks of the Frostbike agenda, Jeff from All-City recommended that we drive 4 hours north of Minneapolis to the southern shore of Lake Superior.

In this frozen land, there were caves, which during the summer months, held many great alcoves and vistas out over the lake, but in the winter, when it’s cold enough, they became in chrysalis. This isn’t an annual occurrence either. This year was the first year in a decade that the water has been cold enough to freeze.

Everything is frozen, even the water that typically seeps through the sandstone cliffs, causing cascades of icicles, many of which are big enough to deliver a fatal blow if they were to fall. Behind these curtains, lie numerous caves, most of which are covered in a solid 3″ of ice on all surfaces. It’s really something else.

Tuesday morning, Jeff, Kyle and I ventured out into the madness and at some point I expected to see 7′ tall albino penguins or at least a shoggoth. But alas, the Old Ones are long gone.

See more in the Gallery!

Feb 28, 2014 19 comments
Later Minneapolis!

I had a blast at Frostbike, riding fatbikes, drinking, eating and hanging out with my dudes Jeff and Kyle! There’s much more on the way…

Feb 25, 2014 Comments are OFF
Today Was Incredible

My feet are still frozen but we had a blast on Lake Superior today exploring the ice caves along the coast. More to come!

Feb 24, 2014 1 comment
We Made it to the Mountains of Madness

Lyle from Mission Workshop and I have successfully escaped Eurobike and fled to the Mountains of Madness in Glarus, Switzerland. Today we’re going to get in a quick ride before heading out to Freiburg, Germany where we’ll be riding with the guys from Santa Cruz.

Expect some real epicness from PiNP over the next few days as I take on some of the most epic riding in the world.


Sep 1, 2013 8 comments
I Made it to Eurobike

After a long day of traveling and two whole hours of sleep, I’m alive and well at Eurobike. This show has eluded me for four years now. Year after year, plans have fallen through last minute but this year, I’m here thanks to Mission Workshop (thanks guys!).

Expect lots of randomness, rad bikes, beer, brats, bros, babes and bourbon. Since the WiFi sucks here at the show, I’ll most likely be updating the site only a few times a day… If you’re at the show, track me down and I’ll shoot your portrait.

Follow me on Instagram as well!

Aug 27, 2013 7 comments
Notes on Flying with a Bicycle

If anyone can tell you about traveling on an airplane with a bike, it’s me. I spend just about every other week flying with my bike, all over the country and the world. In doing so, I’ve established a routine that works without issue but it takes a little bit of planning before you even begin to pack.

Check out more below.


Jul 30, 2013 65 comments
On the Road Again

The past few days, I’ve been down in North Carolina, visiting my family. This morning, we left to head up to Vermont for that JDRF ride. My brother is heading in from Maryland and will accompany my mom and me on the ride… It’s an 18 hour drive, so expect updates tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for being understanding! It’s the summer and that means road trips and family time.

Jul 23, 2013 1 comment
Catch Ya Later SF!

It’s been real fun. There will be much more coverage on the way, but I’d like to say thanks to some of the people who made this trip such a unique experience:

-Mission Workshop (you guys rule!)
-Bike Mag
-Geoff at Box Dog Bikes
-Victor from Archive Bags
-Chas and Lindsey from TCB Courier
-Benny Gold
-John from Rapha
-Kyle and Adria from Golden Saddle Cyclery
-Brian Vernor
-Ibis Cycles
-Garrett from Strawfoot
-Steve from Godspeed
-Tailor Stitch
-Extra Bigger / DNO
-Four Barrel
-Trouble Coffee

Jun 25, 2013 1 comment
I Know I Know

It’s been a long couple of days on the road for the ATOC this year. Mostly filled with the riding to blogging ratio tipped towards saddle time. The trip has been very productive, while veering a little to the left of the norm. I didn’t find myself in a neutral support car, or scouring the crowds at the start of the race. Instead, we soaked up the riding that the various host cities had to offer.

Tomorrow morning (read: in 7 hours), I’ll be at the start of the 2013 ATOC in SF and then at the Rapha Cycle Club for my photo show all day. Swing by both to catch up!

May 19, 2013 1 comment