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The Grey Escape

This is too good and such a contrast to how I’ve been experiencing Scandinavia.

“A cycling documentary about a group of elderly people cycling nearly 250 miles from Denmark to Norway. Across the Western world, millions of elderly people live in care homes – often lonely, isolated and without mobility. But these elderly people are breaking free!
In particular, Marie, 96, and Finn, 81, overcome their issues and grow closer. The only problem is Marie thinks Finn is too young for her… “

Jul 21, 2016 2 comments
A 1,500 Mile Journey For Water: California Water Cycle

California is in a drought and at this point, it’d have to rain everyday for months to pull us out (11 trillion gallons)…

“In January 2016, a team of two bicycled 1,500 miles around the state of California reminding students and local communities from where their water comes. San Francisco to San Diego, California Water Cycle toured coastal communities, schools, farms, and conservation alliances, bringing urgency to the current water scarcity in California. The duo finished their campaign along our state’s water canals, through the heartland of US agriculture, the Central Valley. With this adventure, the goal was to build community support and to foster a more water conscious California.”

See more at California Water Cycle.

Jun 23, 2016 Comments are OFF
South African Dirt and the Karoobaix – Stan Engelbrecht

South African Dirt and the Karoobaix

Photos and words by Stan Engelbrecht

On the third morning we came across two kudus, dead, and partially eaten. During the intense drought in the area over the last months, many animals had been breaking through fences to get to this dam, only to find it completely dry. In their search for water, these kudus tried to cross the dried dam floor, and got trapped in two mud sinkholes. They must have struggled there for days, before dying of thirst and starvation. And maybe something had started eating them while they were still alive.

It was a stark reminder that the Karoo is a dangerous and remote place. This semi-desert region near the Southern tip of Africa is known for its searing beauty, but also its harsh and unforgiving environment. Get caught out here without water or shelter at the wrong time of year and it can be the end of you. (more…)

Jun 22, 2016 18 comments
Istanbul to Tehran by Bike

Got 15 minutes to spare? The full length mini-doc of Mark Maurer’s bikepacking journey through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Iran is a hell of a trip!

Jun 11, 2016 2 comments
Two Hard Days on the Bike

Ever so often, a ride goes south and I’m not talking cardinal directions. Cari and I embarked on our first bicycle camping trip this week and I can honestly say it was equal parts hard as it was beautiful. The full story is coming next week, for now check out some preview photos @TheRadavist on Instagram.

May 11, 2016 10 comments
Roll With It in the South – Brian Vernor

Roll With It in the South
Photos and words by Brian Vernor

There’s a shocking casualness to the hallucinatory contradiction of culture that is The South. I’d seen this place in great detail as a child, often visiting family throughout Tennessee and Alabama. Though I grew up in Santa Cruz, and went to college in California, I wanted to reconnect with The South in that awkward period of life right after college, before I could say “I want to do _____ with my life.” In 1998 I had finished school, got heavily into nothing, and spent seven months playing with cameras in Santa Cruz, enough time to forget what my degree was in. (more…)

Apr 12, 2016 19 comments
Throwing Touring Tradition out the Window with the Kona Sutra LTD – Morgan Taylor

The touring world is changing, no doubt about it. Steel frames are still the norm for obvious reasons, but disc brakes are now widely accepted and people are venturing far and wide with component choices that only a few years ago may have been considered imprudent.

One group doing this is the young and adventurous among us, arguably oblivious to their equipment’s lack of serviceability. Under these pioneers, bikes go into the wild with sometimes ugly, yet highly functional home-hacked solutions that get the job done. They are out there for the pure experience, pushing the boundaries of equipment that only a few years ago was considered cutting-edge technology.

Another side of this coin is people at bike companies, with access to the newest stuff before it hits the market, building custom bikes to their own specs to push the limits. It’s not uncommon to see mountain drivetrains on road frames, tires that are too big to pass safety standards, and so on. These bikes, however, rarely make it past the engineers’ and product managers’ personal collections.

When product managers spec bikes, they are held to account by bean counters making sure bikes will sell through – and that means sticking to tradition and not taking chances. I love it when companies have the guts to spec a bike in a way that’s pointed at radness rather than tradition. When I see a production bike deviate from industry norms in this way, my eyes light up; the Kona Sutra LTD is one of those bikes. (more…)

Feb 16, 2016 77 comments
Bicycle Hunting off Denali Highway

Warning: this is graphic.

Guns are a polarizing point of discussion, yet in areas like Denali, they are a part of life. You shoot what you eat and this group of people prefer to do this by bicycle. Again, this won’t be for everyone but I found it an interesting take on using a bicycle to enter an area like this. At the 2:00 mark, there’s a meaningful discussion about what it means to end the life of a living creature that everyone should listen to, regardless as to your views on eating meat.

Plus, a three-legged dog and epic landscapes.

Sep 20, 2015 22 comments