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An Ode to the Grifo

I have a love / hate relationship with this tire. Last year, I had a bad batch. The tread pulled off almost immediately but luckily, they were easy enough to return. I swore them off, claiming they were just popular because of their gum-colored side wall. It took me going to LA and seeing how people rode their Grifos on everything: asphalt, dirt, rock, and even mud (yes, there’s mud in SoCal).


Feb 15, 2013 19 comments
Fyxation 2013 Catalog

Fyxation‘s expanding their line for 2013 and their new catalog highlights their newest products, including new framesets. Check it all out above, with more frame photos here, at their blog.

Sep 13, 2012 2 comments
FBM Dirt and Tires

Check it out as FBM Riders Eric Hennessey, Adam Guilliams and Garrett Guilliams hit up some Northeast trails with John “Supes” Skvarla, Pauly Cvikevich, Dave King and “Ekim” King for Tioga BMX. And here I’ve been, sitting indoors all day working on stuff…

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Resist Nomad 28c

See larger here

After a catastrophic blowout on my last tire where a beer and pride was lost, I headed out to my shed, La Maison de Fixie to see what tires I had in stock. Resist sent me a box of sample tires some time ago and I had completely forgotten about the 28c Nomads that were in the package. After some finagling, I managed to squeeze one on the Icarus. The tread is rather nice. You can attest to that if you’ve ridden them on your fixed freestyle rig. Skidding is consistent and aside from the blue label (drive side only), the tires are devoid of any flashy branding.

I’ve had these on for about two weeks with no issues but like all tires, the more you skid on them, the more prone you are to punctures. If you get the opportunity to, give them a whirl. Check out more details here, at Resist.

This is the first in a few posts on tires I’ll be making over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Jul 6, 2012 13 comments
Resist: Bald and Out Contest

Resist just posted up this contest to win a free set of Nomad tires:

“For all you guys that have completely bald, ripped or shredded tires, we have the contest for you.  Send us a picture via our Facebook wall of your worn out tire and we’ll see if you deserve a free replacement of new Resist Nomad tires.  Is it that simple? YES!  Read more for the rules.

Date of Contest Ending: July 2012

Send us a picture of your worn out tire and we’ll see if you deserve a free replacement set of new Resist Nomad tires.  It would help if you also sent us a picture of your complete bike also.  We obviously can’t give free tires out to everyone out there and we’ll be judging on who best deserves the tires.  We’ll only consider worn out tires that have been ridden and won’t accept a new looking tire with slashes or rips that looks like it could have been deliberately done.

How to submit your worn out tire.
All submissions have to be submitted to our Facebook Wall.  Also helps if you LIKE our page too.

A free set of Nomad tires (sidewall colors and sizes may vary due to current inventory).

1. Contests are only for Continental US residents (unless winner wants to pay for the overseas shipping)
2. We’ll only accept 1 entry per person.”

This one’s easy!

Apr 12, 2012 2 comments
I Couldn’t Resist
Resist Nomad Gumwall 45c

So there I was, looking at the Jack Brown tires, thinking I wanted some gumwall action on my Geekhouse Woodville touring bike. Because, you know, nothing’s classier on a purple touring bike than gumwalls. The only problem is, I have this bike, with all this clearance for tires and fenders, so I wanted to go bigger than 33c. I looked over in the corner of my office and there were the two Resist Nomad skin tires I had on my Bruiser. 45c, big, fat, round, gumwall tires. I couldn’t Resist.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

Apr 6, 2012 24 comments