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Teravail Now Offers Three Tire Models in Gumwall

Call it a comeback. Many tire manufacturers have embraced the demand for gumwall tires and now, you can add Teravail to that list. Their Cannonball (700x35mm,38mm,42mm,) Rampart (650bx47mm,) and Coronado (27.5×3″) tires all come in a dark tan sidewall, in Teravail’s light and supple casing. Head to your local dealer to order and over to Teravail for more information.

Apr 19, 2018 9 comments
Your Favorite WTB Tires Now Come in Gumwall

The Byway, Cross Boss, Nano, Resolute and Riddler tires all come in a gumwall option. These models are in stock now for ordering from your local dealer and will add a classic look to any bike. Check out more information at WTB.

Sep 28, 2017 17 comments
WTB’s New Resolute 42 Tire Comes in 650b and 700c

For those looking for a little more rubber on their 700c / 650b cross or all-road bike, can check out WTB’s new Resolute tire. Designed for all-weather riding, the small square knobs will roll smoothly across asphalt and then offer traction on even the loosest of roads. In stock now at your local WTB dealer.

Jun 15, 2017 68 comments
Terrene’s New McFly 2.8″ Tire

Terrene’s Chunk 3″ tire quickly became my favorite plus-sized tire model when I tested it in Utah. I loved it so much that I didn’t bother to take it off after I got back to Los Angeles. I dunno what Terrene is doing with their tires, but I like it and the McFly looks to be a worthy option to the Chunk in a 2.8″. Head over to Terrene to check out more information and your local shop for ordering.

May 11, 2017 3 comments
Giving My Firefly a Dose of Road Plus with WTB’s Byway 650b x 47mm Tires

When designing and conceiving my Firefly all road bike a few years ago, I wanted to be able to fit a 43mm tire, while maintaining a road geometry. “It’s not a cyclocross bike, rather a road bike with bigger tires and disc brakes” I’d tell people. Inadvertently, what I found was by allowing clearances for such a large 700c tire, I’d opened the door to even larger 650b tires.

I first used WTB’s “Road Plus” platform shortly after they released the 47mm Horizon tire. They sent the tires mounted to their Ci24 rims, built to White Industries hubs. While the wheels fit with enough clearances on my Firefly, I wasn’t a fan of the Horizon tires. Sure, they looked great and rode even better on sealed roads, but I found them to be less-than-ideal on the fire roads and singletrack I frequented in the mountains of Los Angeles.

Jump forward a year and WTB’s newest “road plus” tire, the Byway is now available and I’ve been riding them for a few weeks. The difference between the Horizon and the Byway is simple: there’s slight tread on the sides of the Byway, meant to give traction on loose corners. Well, does the Byway live up to the marketing jargon? (more…)

May 3, 2017 104 comments
WTB Introduces the 45mm Riddler Tire

For those still wanting more rubber than the 40mm Nano and can fit a larger tire in their frame, WTB introduces the Riddler in 45mm. This multi-purpose tread is designed for everything from ‘cross racing to dirt road riding. Big tires like this can drastically change your ride quality, for the better. I’ve got a set of the Riddlers waiting to be mounted up and can’t wait to get in a few rides on them. In stock now at your local dealer and see more information at WTB!

Sep 1, 2016 25 comments
Terrene Tires

Oftentimes, the smaller tire manufacturers can keep up with growing trends in the industry. Which is why I’m usually more likely to have tires from these brands on my own bicycles. Introducing Terrene Tires, a rider owned and operated tire company, setting out to develop dirt tires for MTB and ‘cross bikes alike. The Wazia is a studded fatbike tire, the Chunk is a chunky trail tire and the Elwood is a dirt road tire for your drop bar bike. That’s all the information I have at the moment, look for more around Interbike and follow Terrene on Facebook. If you’d like to read the press-release, do so below.


Jul 27, 2016 5 comments
WTB’s New Ranger 27.5+ Tire

I’ve been more than impressed with the recent 27.5+ offerings from WTB, including the Bridger which are on a Retrotec hardtail I’m reviewing currently. The Ranger is their newest offering in the plus size market, covering everything from hardpack to loam in wet to dry conditions. Head to your local dealer to check these out, and see more information at WTB.

Jun 22, 2016 6 comments