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Sean’s Cielo Cross Racer by Jesse Carmody
Guest Gallery: Sean's Cielo Cross Racer by Jesse Carmody

My friends in Los Angeles have pretty exceptional talents and taste. Speaking of the latter, Mr. Sean Talkington took advantage of Cielo’s industry pricing at Interbike and put down a deposit on one of their snazzy Cross Racer models. Sean’s new to cross bikes but he couldn’t pass up the deal! After a few months of waiting, his bike showed up and the capable hands at Golden Saddle Cyclery built it up for him.

Sean also works at Golden Saddle part time and is hoping that more customers will look to Cielo for an option when it comes to a MTB, road, touring or cross bike. Since he promotes made in the USA products through Team Dream, he felt like it was time to support US frame builders like Cielo.

Back to this build: You can have a completely dialed bike, but even underneath all that Chris King and SRAM components, bad photos will never do a good bike justice. Luckily for Sean, he’s good friends with Jesse Carmody, an exceptional photographer. Man, Sean really is living the Team Dream Team Dream.

As the sun was setting, these two went out into the woods and the result is in the Gallery!

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Team Dream and PiNP Kit Pre-Order

That’s a whole lotta’ photos!

Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team and I have been scheming on this kit for some time now. Sure, it’s easy to take stripes and add some purple but how would it perform? Would the stripes make you faster? Would they throw-off your enemy’s range-tracking mechanisms? What about deer and bobcats? Would it scare them off the trails? The truth is, yes, the Team Dream and PiNP kit does all this and more. Oh and I gotta admit, they look fucking rad.

We went all out and produced one of the most comprehensive PiNP kits to date. I fucking love it! Sean loves it too, which prompted him to include a mystery “Surprise” PiNP long sleeve color option to the mix!

Pre Order Vest HERE

Pre Order Jersey HERE

Pre Order Compressor Bibs HERE

Pre Order “Surprise” Long Sleeve HERE

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FYXO: Dust Digest

Photos by Andy White

Man, it don’t get much betta’ then this. When Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team took Andy from FYXO and me on a ride in the Topanga hills, we were lead to believe it would be an easy spin. Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I said I would only ride if it were an easy spin… Andy and I had just done a big ride the day before, I was very sunburnt and had sand in my crotch.

That didn’t stop Sean, who was amped to show us his home trails…

… and a little sand in the crotch didn’t stop FYXO from bringing his DSLR on the ride to capture some radness. Head over to FYXO to see the full scoop!

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#DoTheDump for Woody and Team Dream Team

Photos by Jesse Carmody

I know I already posted about Woody’s Team Dream Team shirts last Friday but this weekend, Jesse Carmody got creative with the TDT water bottle photo shoot and I had to share these photos!

“The red, white and blue bobcat t-shirt & purist bottle are here to commemorate Woody’s National Masters Championship, his commitment to the US Olympic Cycling program, and to support him for being an all around good guy.

100% of the proceeds from both the red, white & blue bottle and t-shirt will go to assisting him with his medical bills. Look cool and be rad at the same time!”

That’s totally rad Sean. Scoop up the bottle here and if you missed Woody’s All-City Thunderdome track, click here.

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