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Tyler’s Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike – Ross Measures
Tyler's Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike

Tyler’s Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike
Photos by Ross Measures, Words by Tyler Morland

The idea was simple: Create a “Sunday Driver” of sorts. I took inspiration from a bike I was currently riding and blended it with that taste I have for old Ritcheys. My dad has this old Ritchey Timberline comp and I always loved the Fillet brazing look and feel. So Ian Ritz at Chromag Bikes and I started the conversation and we talked about every detail. We used raw material that Chromag had in stock and used something that they have refined for a couple of years, like the drop outs and generally put it through the process that all Chromag frames go through. The head tube was machined in shop and follows the taper of the fork. A real pain in the ass to make. Then, we chose curved seat stays to give it that plush steel ride.

He had no idea it would be this long of a process and neither did I. We roped in Chris Dekerf for the internal routing and brazing. North Shore Billet for the machined parts and sent the completed frame in for a crazy paint job at Troy Lee Designs. I visit TLD once a year for various reasons and those guys are just a bunch of beauties. I’ve been part of the family over at TLD FOREVER and this was a great conversation with a legendary painter… Why not electric Mexican blanket?

The build kit was a no-brainer. That just goes with the territory – All SRAM everything. I still can’t decide if I go ZIPP 303 or 202.

Basically, its special and part of my weird collection… Forever.


Follow Ross on Instagram and follow Tyler on Instagram and special thanks to Morgan Taylor for coordinating this post!

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My Rusty n Dusty Rat Rod Titanium Firefly Disc All Road
My Rusty Rat Rod  Titanium Firefly Disc All Road

Cycling is an experience that should continue to mature overtime. I’m weary of people who stand firm in their ideologies, rest on laurels and refuse to embrace the “new,” especially when it comes to riding bikes. Look, it’s not that hard to have fun. Opinions can change with experience, its normal. Embrace it.

For the past two years, I’ve been planning both financially and functionally for this bike. Something I’d encourage everyone to do with a custom machine. Don’t just jump in head first without doing research and saving your money. The last thing you want to do is to take a financial hit once the final invoice comes in.

You see, I knew I wanted a Firefly. I kind of felt like that brand and my own brand have grown together over the years. When Jamie, Tyler and Kevin started the company, it had a breath of energy, creativity and their final products all expressed experimentation. Those guys can make anyone a dream bike but deciding what kind of bike is a challenge. Part of my apprehension was not only where I felt like cycling’s technology was heading, but where my own riding would be taking me over the next few years. (more…)

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Rock Lobster and Bruce Gordon Present: Schnozola Disc All Road
Schnozola Disc All Road

Yeah, you read that right. Schnozola. Two Jewish guys get together to build frames and they use the slang word for a giant nose as their moniker. Brilliant huh? I thought so.

Paul Sadoff from Rock Lobster and Bruce Gordon from Bruce Gordon was a Dude to Me Interbike 2015 pins got together and started making tig-welded frames. There’s not a lot to be known about this brand other than they chose OX Platinum and Columbus Spirit for the tubeset, SRAM Rival 1, Paragon tidbits, the ENVE GRD fork, a Hebrew inspired typeface and yes, one giant Schnoz for the head tube logo…

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Soulcraft Dirtbomb Disc
Soulcraft Dirtbomb Disc

The Soulcraft Dirtbomb is an incredibly versatile bike and a worthy tool to tackle an event like Grinduro. It’ll eat up dirt roads, singletrack and pavement alike but most importantly, it’s strong enough to withstand the after party. Which at events like last weekend, tend to go on ’til dawn.

Sean from Soulcraft knows a thing or two about handmade bikes. He learned the trade from legends like Bruce Gordon and Salsa Cycles, so it’s fitting to see his framesets carrying on many of these ideologies, just in an updated, modern form.

This bike in particular clears the Bruce Gordon RockNRoad tires, features PAUL Klampers, Chris King and WTB wheels and SRAM’s CX1 group, with a 10-42 cluster.

Like I said, it’ll take on anything you throw at it and still party ’til dawn.

Oct 16, 2015 42 comments
SRAM Presents The Backwoods

This is mind-melting…

“He knew what he wanted: big, floaty jumps in the ideal location and with the perfect slope and sublime dirt. So when he saw an opportunity to build his own slopestyle course in the Coast Gravity Park, Logan picked up some tools and started sculpting. A colossal build like this is never a one-man endeavor, though. Logan’s vision was made reality with the sweat and skills of machine operator Darren Hemstreet, The Coastal Crew and his dad. And when the machines went quiet and the dust settled, it was time to capture on camera what Logan means by big and floaty. This is The Backwoods – Logan’s Peat’s dream set.”

Check out more at SRAM!

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44 Bikes Looks at XTR and XX1 in Detail

Rivalries between component manufacturers are ongoing. When SRAM introduced XX1 a few years back, they made quite the stir yet die hard Shimano loyalists were still uninterested. For people like Kris at 44 Bikes, riding as many different setups as possible helps him better understand his client’s needs, which is why he took a look at XX1 versus XTR on his site. Head over to 44 Bikes to check it out.

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SRAM MTB Introduces $19.99 X-SYNC™ STEEL 1x Chainrings

Yes. $19.99 narrow-wide MTB rings from SRAM. 1x setups just got a lot more affordable for 28t, 30t and 32t applications.

They are compatible with all SRAM 1x cranks (DM and 94BCD cranks) although the
DM 28-tooth ring is not compatible with 30mm cranks that require a 0mm offset ring and you must use SRAM chain to keep warranty.

That’s it. Plain and simple…

Aug 25, 2015 2 comments
In the Know – Connor Fearon

Oh my god. I don’t know what is my favorite part of this video, the riding or the sounds coming from Connor’s tires as they hook up. So good.

Aug 1, 2015 4 comments
Wolf Tooth Direct Mount SRAM Rings in Stock up to 38t

I love the direct mount chainring interface and I love SRAM’s cranks, so when Wolf Tooth offers up a tasty 38t option, with a 40t and 42t on the way, It’s hard to say no. I raced all last cross season on a 40t Wolf Tooth ring but would gladly take a direct mount for this season… Check out more at Wolf Tooth.

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In the Know – Troy Brosnan

SRAM ups the flow ante with Troy Brosnan as he blasts through some wicked steep trails with ease and style.

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