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Recent Roll: Weekend Cheers!

Get out and ride. Soak in the sun. Seek the sound and most of all, have fun while you’re doing it. Forget about the numbers and just ride.


Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Neopan 400

Jul 13, 2013 1 comment
SF Randomness
Marc Marino

When I travel, I always have a camera on me and lately, it’s been a toss up between the Mamiya and the Leica. The only time I really carry my digital camera with me is if I am going to shoot a bike, or a shop, but in general, all my travel photos have been film. Which creates an overflow of randomness from each city I visit. Most of which don’t merit a post just by themselves. See some narrated photos of faces and places in the Gallery! Hey, if I don’t post them, they’ll sit on my hoard drive…

Jul 11, 2013 12 comments
Mission Workshop: Limited Edition AP Series Sanction Rucksack

I love my Sanction and Fitzroy rucksacks from Mission Workshop. The construction is top-notch and the sizing is perfect for their intended use. Now the Sanction comes in a AP Series, VX-lined (much lighter than the standard) edition:

“Limited edition AP Series Sanction rucksack built with a waxed cotton twill canvas and a lightweight VX ripstop liner. This edition features both standard and red Arkiv closure buckles with liners to match.

The AP Sanction also features YKK urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, an internal frame sheet and an optional waist belt. A large interior zippered pocket fits up to 15in laptops. Five other pockets of varying size round out this versatile backpack.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.”

Pick one up at Mission Workshop and check out more detail shots below!


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Recent Roll: The Dude Room

I love spaces like this, especially from someone who rides bikes. Artistic artifacts, scrawl, illustrations, bike components and just stuff, plastered all over the walls. Can anyone guess who’s “Dude Room” this is?

Tools of the trade:
Leica M7 / Zeiss 28mm t*
Neopan 400

Jul 10, 2013 8 comments
Recent Roll: Lights Out SF!

On my last night in SF, I hopped up to the top of the biggest hill I could find and waited for the fog to envelop Sutro as the sun was setting like it so often does. I shot a few 35mm and medium format photos, but these were my favorite. I really do love that city.

See more below!


Jul 8, 2013 3 comments
Hawk Hill Homies
Recent Roll: Hawk Hill Homies

My extended family grows every time I visit San Francisco. They’re always there to party, ride and pause for photos (usually I actually have to chase them for photos). The day I got into SF during my last stay, I met up with a group of fit fellas for a little road and a lotta dirt, right over the Golden Gate Bridge. Hawk Hill is the staple ride for many cyclists in SF. There are trails, singletrack and roads literally snaking all the way up to the top. Most of us were on cross bikes and a few were on road bikes. We all had fun, regardless! Check out more photos in the Gallery.

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Fuji Pro400h

Jul 8, 2013 12 comments
Recent Roll: Chas and His Cinelli Mash

My friends in San Francisco are the best. They’re all hustlers in their own perspective professions and regardless what people say about the “Cali” lifestyle, they’re always on the grind. When he’s not running traveling the world racing, he’s running his company, TCB Courier with a handful of other like-minded individuals. Call him many things: “freshly shaven”, entrepreneur, #fixiefamous, whatever, this dude is living the dream.

I stayed with Chas for over a week the last time I was visiting and out of everything I shot on my trip, these three photos of him riding that green Cinelli Mash prototype track frame are some of my favorites. All shot from a moving bicycle…

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

See two more below!


Jul 3, 2013 18 comments
Natalia’s Igleheart SS MTB
Beautiful Bicycle: Natalia's Igleheart SS MTB

San Francisco is out of control and not in a good way. Bike theft is at an all time high as the city continues to cope with a massive drug problem. Basically, your bike’s not safe unless it’s under your ass, being pedaled. Natalia had her race bag, shoes and this Igleheart singlespeed MTB “secured” within her car as it was parked in Noe Valley. Within minutes, her windows were smashed out and her bike was gone.

The next morning, Rai from Mission Workshop was riding past the BART station on 16th when he spotted it being pedaled by some random dude. He put out a call and had some friends go steal it back from some unsuspecting schmo who had bought it from the crackhead that stole it.

Now it’s safe and sound in Natalia’s possession, who races it for Chica Sexy in the Bay Area mountain bike circuits. It’s not everyday you see some Boston-area steel in SF, so I had to get some photos of it…

Jul 2, 2013 27 comments