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FYXO: Richard Sachs Track

Photo by Andy White

Shooting a bicycle, you either opt for it being propped up or leaned against a wall and which one you choose depends on your style. Fyxo nails the #BAAW every time and the latest to leave his shop is nothing short of amazing. TK’s Richard Sachs track bike is so clean! See the full set at FYXO!

Nov 19, 2013 1 comment
Richard Sachs Cyclocross

Hey ATMO, I really, really admire what you’re doing with your cyclocross team. You’ve taken a signature livery and put it aside to allow some graphic auteurs to re-interpret and re-package it. That takes a lot of confidence and it couldn’t have been easy. But as I’m sure you know, from living a long life as a framebuilder and race sponsor that nothing meaningful is easy.

This is me, telling you that you’re doing it and doing it well.

xo Prolly

Now go check out the Richard Sachs Cyclocross team website!

Sep 13, 2013 22 comments
Visiting Richard Sachs

Photos by Dan Chabanov

I’ve always wanted to hang out with Richard Sachs at his home in Warwick, but it’d have to be before cross season, ATMO. Dan Chabanov has been racing under this legend’s name for a few years now and last week, he got to see ATMO’s digs. Check out the full photoset here!

Sep 4, 2013 3 comments
Richard Sachs is Selling a NOS Complete Campagnolo Derailleur Collection

This is like every Campagnolo collector’s dream. Richard Sachs is selling a complete set of NOS Campy rear derailleurs:

“For sale is my entire collection of Campagnolo derailleurs spanning the late 1950s through the late 1980s. This is among the most complete Campagnolo derailleur collections in existence. It may be the only collection that has every single dated Campagnolo NR rear derailleur in the condition listed here. It is comprised of only NIB/NOS (New In Box/New Old Stock) components. Everything shown for sale is new, never used, not a take-off, free of tool marks, and complete as packed the day it left the loading dock at Vicenza.

All the Nuovo Record derailleurs are marked as shown. They include PATENT, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 11, and NO DATE. Every derailleur comes with the original box and the original instruction sheet. Note:Other than hub locknuts (which are concealed in the assembly) and some Nuovo Record crank arms, I am not aware of any other Campagnolo item that was so overtly date-stamped by year of manufacture. This is a complete set of date-stamped rear derailleurs.

To see all 29 images click here .”

That’s a life-long collection and there’s more!  See all information at Richard Sach’s site and if you have $14,000 laying around with a hankering for some serious Campy commitment, put it to use!

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