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Baum Cycles Corretto Rapha Gazzet Paper for ACBS
Guest Gallery: Baum Cycles Corretto Rapha Gazzet Paper for ACBS

The Australian Custom Bicycle Show is this weekend in Australia and this bike is only one of the prime examples of Australian craftsmanship that will be on display. As part of the Rapha Continental Australia, Darren Baum worked closely with Rapha to design one of the wildest Baum Corretto paint jobs I’ve ever seen. Integrating the Rapha Gazzet Paper seamlessly into the wet coat creates a one-of-the-kind aesthetic.

The build? Pretty straight forward with full SRAM Red, ENVE clinchers, Fizik saddle and custom Busyman Bicycles bar tape to top it off. Check out more high-res photos of this beauty in the Gallery and if you’re in Australia, get your ass to the ACBS this weekend.

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The Team Rapha Focus Oakley RadarLock Auction
The Team Rapha Focus Oakley RadarLock Auction

This morning, at 6am PST, Rapha has opened up an auction for the new Team Rapha Focus Oakley RadarLock sunglasses. The opening bid is $250, or the retail of the normal RadarLocks and all the proceeds aid in financing the Team Rapha Focus men and women. These sunglasses come with a set of Rapha-etched clear lenses and Rapha-Focus branded carrying bag. You might even get a set of Rapha-Focus trading cards.

Click here for the auction and here for more details. Make sure you follow @Rapha_N_America on Twitter or the Rapha Facebook page to monitor the bids each day. Next week, limited edition Rapha-Focus Frogskins go on the auction block.

These are very sharp shades. See for yourself in the gallery!

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The Bicycle Art & Design of Garrett Chow

Next week, Mash and Rapha are throwing two events worth hitting up if you’re in SF. The first is the Cutty Cross Cat (flier below) and the second event is  All Chips on the Table: The Bicycle Art & Design of Garrett Chow, which will be at the Rapha Cycle Club, post race. I wish I could be in attendance. This looks like a rad time.

See the Cutty Cross Cat flier below.


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Three Videos for Your Weekend

I don’t have a lot of time to be on the computer today, so here’s three rad videos in one post for your weekend.


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2012 Rapha North West Gentlemen’s Race

The 2012 Rapha North West Gentlemen’s Race was a lot of fun to photograph and this video gives you some insight as to how grueling it was to participate. The teams started off, with a general idea of the course, since it’s a popular ride in Portland but finished not knowing what hit them. After 120 miles, they climbed 12,000′ of elevation. But man, that scenery! See more here, including photos and my coverage below.

Recent Roll: The 2012 Rapha NW Gentlemen’s Race
Event Recap: The 2012 North West Rapha Gentlemen’s Race #RGR

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The 2012 Beloved Imperial Works Morton Concept
The Beloved Imperial Works Morton 2012 Concept

When Steve Blick first told me he was going to London for the 2012 Olympics, I asked something along the lines of “are you excited?”. Being someone who travels all over the world for Oakley‘s “two wheels division”, I can imagine that being at the Olympics might be daunting. But not for Steve. In fact, he said he was most excited about riding around his new Beloved Imperial Works Morton Concept. Here’s a back story:

“It started with monsieur @blick wanting to have a great ride in London for three weeks, so we approached Slate at Rapha for a taker, not wanting to send it back across the pond. He eventually said they would support the project, the only brief: just make it feel like Rapha.

Well, @blick is about black, stealth, and we (Beloved) don’t usually do black, staying classic silver with components, but with Rapha, the games in London, we got the idea / concept for an Imperial Works Morton, the common thought = gold. So in our interpretation, we figured out the small gold bits per IW: plate our steel downtube bands and the badge; next what was to be black: the Paul bits (crank/brakes/rev.levers), ano the Nitto bits (stem/bar/post), Conti all black tires, Brooks saddle (of course an “Imperial” classic B-17) & leather tape, fenders, and of course black powdercoat; and lastly what was to stay classic silver: bolts, rails, spokes, nipples, headset – a stainless King, stainless Phil BB cups, and pedals found that nice balance. A little magic was born on doing build.

It will live in the new Rapha London Cycle Club post the games, perhaps used as the
store’s special “work bike” here and there.”

See more of this beauty below in a full photo gallery and a video that Steve made while in London.


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Rapha Super Cross Melbourne

Rapha takes on Super Cross in my favorite city in the world, Melbourne. Hell yes to the Bottles N Chains and Hellkrew cameos. And is that Sime wearing corpse paint?!

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