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Rapha’s Reflective Climber’s Shoes

Cycling shoes need to be many things and it hasn’t been until recently that being reflective was even an option. If you love the Climber’s Shoes platform, but wanted a little bit more flash, be sure to check out the Reflective Climber’s Shoes. Available in a neon yellow and navy blue. See more at Rapha.

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An Evening with Magnum Cycling UK

Rapha UK recently hosted an evening with Magnum Cycling, part of Magnum Photos:

“Earlier this year author Guy Andrews and esteemed photographer Harry Gruyaert chaired a panel discussion to launch Magnum Cycling, a “visual survey of the relationship between the world’s best photographers and the exciting and multifaceted sport of cycling.””

You can pick this book up at your local book store now and continue reading the story at Rapha.

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Rapha and Herman Miller for the Amgen Tour of California

In many ways, what Herman Miller did for modernism in terms of furniture, Rapha has done for cycling apparel, so it would make sense that the two brands would come together for an event like the Tour of California. Check out these commemorative caps for the ATOC, featuring Rapha’s fit and Herman Miller’s patterns, available each day of the tour via Rapha’s site. Be quick though because the first day sold out fast!

All I wanna know is how do I buy that extra, extra long Hang it All?

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Rapha: Merino Rivals Jersey

I love it when Rapha does Rapha. Don’t get me wrong, there are many facets to the brand yet the designs that also resonate with me are their themed merino jerseys. Take the newest to their collection: the Merino Rivals Jersey. Inspired by the intense rivalry between two Italians of note: Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. This jersey is colored in Neapolitan hues and accented with classic details. Read more at Rapha!

Apr 26, 2016 3 comments
Rapha’s Core Collection is All About Simplicity

Rapha’s newest collection isn’t a graphic treament, pattern or gradient. It’s all about simplicity. The core of apparel if you will. Rapha Core is designed around the basics. Simple, single color jerseys and bibs for men and women. See more at Rapha.

Feb 23, 2016 8 comments
Rapha Updates their Classic Jersey

Many people say classics never go out of style and while that may be true, sometimes they need an update. Rapha took their most iconic jersey and gave it a few reconfigurations related to on-the-bike fit. I gotta say, the Classic jersey has always been my favorite piece of Rapha apparel and it is without a doubt the piece they built their whole look upon.

See more at Rapha.

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