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Deux North: Hunt 3 Trailer

It’s been over a year since Deux North took us on a journey. Here’s their latest:

“Deux North, a cycling brand started by brothers James and Dylan Nord, is out to tell a different kind of story. Using primarily short documentary films these stories aren’t just about racing or riding your bike; they are about the passion behind the obsession, the freedom felt while riding, and the things we learn about ourselves and others in the saddle. It’s the kind of story you have to go out and create, or in their words, hunt.

This is the trailer for Hunt 3, a third in a series of ten trips around the world that involve beautiful roads, fast bikes, surprising people, and a natural setting that’s quite different from the brand’s home in New York City. This particular trip took a group of 5 riders, or hunters, to upstate New York. Setting up camp outside of the small town of Boonville, they split time documenting the local lumberjack competition and hundreds of miles of gorgeous riding.”

I gotta say, I’m pretty stoked on seeing more from Boonville!

Oct 21, 2013 1 comment
I Thought This Was Nice

I’ve been spending time with Lauren, walking around Melbourne these past two days and on our way to dinner last night, I saw these logos on an old storefront glass. They were hand-drawn on the backside as well. I’m guessing it was an old bike shop?

Until I start photographing bikes and shops, I’ll be uploading the non-cycling side of this trip to my Flickr, so follow along there!

Oct 20, 2013 3 comments
Strawfoot and Mudfoot

So there we were, planning our drive to Las Vegas for Interbike when Andy throws out the idea “mates, let’s go to the Grand Canyon”, like it’s on the way or something. Personally, I’d rather spend a day or two riding in LA than on the road, so I schemed with Kyle on how to convince the Aussie that there are perfectly fine parks not as far out of the way.

Solution: Zion National Park. We’d drive straight through Vegas and head two hours east. Get there in time to swim and then go on a hike before camping that night. Simple enough. So we drove and landed in Zion with two hours of sunlight remaining. Our agenda: Angel’s Landing.

I had one roll of film left.

See more in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Leica M7 / Zeiss 28mm / Fuji Pro400H

Oct 11, 2013 14 comments
The End of Summer Bummers

It’s the end of Summer. That means my busiest time of year is finally over. After finally combing through all my random film scans, I’ve pulled together a big photoset filled with shots from all over the globe. From Zurich to Columbus, there are some gems in this one. See for yourself in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4 / Leica M7 28mm / Neopan 400

Oct 9, 2013 8 comments
Trackosaurus Rex: Ride Hard Relax Harder

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Los Angeles is my favorite place to work. It has the best rides in the country (ATMO – that’s for you, Pablo), some of the nicest bikes and you can drive just hours away to be in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscapes the western United States has to offer. In the two weeks I was visiting the NRGSC, we rode hard, partied harder and yes, I even worked my ass off to bring new content to the site.

Sure, we’d all rather ride than work but sometimes, there is a bit of overlap. Moments like this are just too good to not share. Evidence of a big rides and the moment where you hit the coldest water you’ve felt in months. I can’t wait to see more of everyone’s photos from the past two weeks!

Sep 26, 2013 2 comments
2013 Interbike: Gallery 02
The ONLY acceptable use of the vuvuvlvyvlvuuvlyza

Each year, I’m already over Vegas come Thursday and it has little to do with the tradeshow and a lot to do with the fact that it’s the end of the ‘travel season’ for me. That and the excessive bourbon drinking. Hey, things get a little out of hand. This year however, I got to solidify a lot of relationships through tradeshow pain. It’s kind of like surviving a near-death experience with someone, ya know?

Anyway, Interbike is hell but there are a lot of rad components, companies and people in hell, so it’s a pretty good time. What was my pick on the second day? The Feedback Sports Velo Hinge. I’m already planning on installing 8 in my office. That and this rad flask from King Cage!

Sep 24, 2013 8 comments
2013 Interbike: Gallery 01
Hey boyyyyz

After spending a week at Eurobike, I was already over tradeshows. For me, Interbike is less about seeing new products and more about meeting people and hanging out but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy shooting products. My favorite product from the first day was the Paul Component quick release skewers…

See more in the Gallery!

Sep 23, 2013 7 comments
For the First Time

… the three of us are together in Los Angeles. Fyxo, Tracko and myself. Expect some radness to pick up momentum here shortly, for now, we’re probably out riding. Follow the guys on Instagram (linked).

Sep 12, 2013 5 comments