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Cycling WMD: Prototype Reefer Rack

Alan from Cycling WMD ups the ante with his latest creation: the Reefer Rack. Like his Hail Satan Porteur, this jammin’ creation is hand made in Alan’s studio. Each tube is mitered and welded together to form the shaka and the pot leaf. Personally, I think this is fucking incredible…

So, how much for one? You guessed it: $420. See more at Cycling WMD.

Jul 22, 2013 9 comments
Photoset Re-Up: Cycling WMD’s Hail Satan Porteur

The 2012 Philly Bike Expo is approaching fast and one of my favorite bikes from last year’s show wasn’t on the floor in a booth, it was outside being ridden by Alan of Cycling WMD. This Hail Satan Porteur rack caused quite the stir and it wasn’t just its fluoro pink powder. Check out the HED 3 disk conversion! Alan’s always got something sneaky up his sleeve. Hopefully I’ll see him in Philly! Check out more of this Photoset Re-Up in the Gallery.

Oct 9, 2012 7 comments
A TCB Rack Revival?

I get a few emails from time to time asking if I know what “happened to TCB Racks?”. Honestly, I have no idea but this photo that Damian Riehl posted to his Tumblr implies that Tad might be back in business.

May 9, 2012 Comments are OFF