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A Weekend and Then Some at the Downieville Classic

11am. We had to be in Downieville by 11am for a special ride. A VIP ride if you will. Paul Components bought a morning shuttle to do the classic Downieville Downhill shuttle. There were 12 spots and Kyle and I had to boogie ASAP from Northstar. Luckily, long nights and early mornings were the norm on this trip, so we loaded up the ‘Cruiser and headed to Downieville. (more…)

Aug 8, 2017 28 comments
Freehub at the NZ Enduro

Making a weekend out of a race, taking the time to explore and soak in the local culture is what makes bike races so special. Here’s Freehub’s latest from the NZ Enduro.

Jun 16, 2017 Comments are OFF
The Complete Grinduro Scotland Experience on the Isle of Arran

It was with a heavy heart and lots of FOMO when I admitted to my friends at Giro that I wouldn’t be able to attend Grinduro Scotland. That’s when the gears began to really spin…

Let’s backtrack a bit. Grinduro debuted two years ago in Quincy, California as a new race format. Rather than racing a course in its entirety, there would be a handful of timed sections, of which, the leaders would be chosen before ultimately awarding winners in various categories. This allows for plenty of on-course downtime, which leads to camaraderie, substance consumption of various forms, jackassery, playful shit-talking and other social activities often absent from competitive cycling events. For two years, Grinduro California has proven to be a success, leading Giro’s UK partners to begin exploring options for an exotic Grinduro getaway. (more…)

May 16, 2017 32 comments
Salsa’s Land Run 100 Coverage

“There’s something so special about pushing through a rough patch in a long ride and entering a Zen-like meditative state where you stop thinking about how many miles you have left, who is in front of you or behind you, what stresses you have going on at the office or at home, and just ride your damn bike. You realize what an incredible amount of crap we live with when it all falls away.” – Travis Dubose

Check out more coverage from the Land Run 100 at Salsa and don’t forget to flip through our gallery if you haven’t.

May 9, 2017 3 comments
Jay Petervary’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cycles Warbird – Jarrod Bunk

Jay Petervary’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cycles Warbird
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Jay Petervary’s Salsa Cycles Warbird was pretty dialed for Land Run this year. Those Salsa Cycles X Brooks England LTD frames are so good. Jay has been doing the whole gravel and adventure racing thing for close to 18 years now. Fresh off his win at the Iditarod Trail Invitational a few weeks prior, JayP was in town for Land Run.

You can learn a lot about what works, and what doesn’t just by looking at his bike. Aero bars, double wrapped tape, 32c tires, bombproof Industry 9 wheels, and not overpacked with water and food. The name of the game on Saturday was mud clearance. It worked out pretty well as I’m told that Jay was at the front most of the day and even finishing with a 3rd place on the hardest Land Run yet.


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Apr 5, 2017 33 comments