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Lars Van Der Haar Breaking Through

Hey guys, cross season is over. Nationals are in a few weeks and chances are, you’ve already cleaned your bike for the last time this season. Chris Milliman‘s latest work took him to Belgium to interview Lars Van Der Haar for Giant.

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CX Hairs: #SVENNESS 2.12

I always end up missing CX Hairs’ #SVENNESS series when I travel. Just to make sure you’re all caught up, here’s 2.12, which is a night race and 2.11, from the World Cup race that took place in Koksijde, Belgium is below. The perfect watch for a rainy and cold Saturday.


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SRAM XX1 Enduro

I can’t get over how rad this looks, especially the beginning descent down the glacier. In the latest from SRAM XX1, they follow enduro racers along during the iconic Mega Avalanche in Alpe d’Huez to the final race of the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy. Seriously, the shots of the starts are insane!

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CX Hairs: #SVENNESS 2.9

Here we go again! It’s the latest #SVENNESS video from CX Hairs! I hope this gets you amped up for a weekend of racing.

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