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CX Hairs: #SVENNESS 2.17

This is it, the final race of the year for #SVENNESS. This one takes place in Hoogerheide, Netherlands for the 2014 UCI Cyclocross World Championship. Surely by now you’ve seen how brutal this course was, so sit back and enjoy!

Excellent job this year, CX Hairs!

Feb 7, 2014 2 comments
Manual for Speed does Dubai Tour

So… from drop bears, utes, sunburns, #Upgradecreds and other ‘Strayan things, Manual for Speed jumped on a flying machine and headed over to Dubai for the Dubai Tour. While this Tour Team Presentation post is cute, I love the non-photo essay on Emirati Women.

Head over to Manual for Speed for more!

Feb 5, 2014 2 comments
Half the Road: A Documentary About Professional Women’s Cycling

While America watches grown men wearing spandex slam into each other repetedly tonight (no, it’s not a Cat 5 road crit), I’m more stoked on hearing that the ASO announced there will be a women’s race at the 2014 Tour de France. Also, I thought it was coincidental that this documentary came across my radar last week…

Half the Road is a documentary that explores the world of women’s professional cycling and why there is a great deal of inequality in the sport. But it’s not a solely a call for action, it also features Kathryn Bertine’s quest to make the 2012 Olympics. You can read about it more here and donate here!

Feb 2, 2014 Comments are OFF
CX Hairs: #SVENNESS 2.16

When I saw coverage from Soudal Classics Cyclocross Series, all I could think was one thing: dream course. That’s the kind of cross races I love… You know, the ones that look like MTB races. #SVENNESS is killing it this season!

Jan 26, 2014 1 comment