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YO! MFS Cribz California Edition

“There is no denying that the world’s top cyclists are a breed apart, they are competitive thoroughbreds, human wunderkind graced with nearly limitless physical prowess. What they do on a bike, with their seemingly effortless speed and cagey instincts, is a sight to behold. A sight that creates hordes of ravenous fans and colorful motorcades that stretch beyond the horizon, a sight that fuels respectable economies and liberates the oppressed. These demi-gods are responsible for all of it, a great gift and a great burden, a weight that takes considerable effort to support even for those granted such remarkable powers. Even with all of their stamina and endurance, these cycling phenoms need a place where they can recover, hydrate, and watch House of Cards. Superman has his fortress, Batman his cave, and these real life superheros, they have their apartments, condos, and flats.

In this episode of YO! MFS Cribz, Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access to the Los Angeles area homes of six seasoned pros to catch a glimpse of their decadent SoCal lifestyles…”

Continue reading and see more photos at Manual for Speed!

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SRAM: Steps to the Top – Luca Shaw

Luca Shaw is fresh out of highschool and yet he nailed a top 10 finish at the DH World Cup #2 in Fort William, Scotland. Stoked to see our friend Sven Martin with a cameo to boot.

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Taylor Phinney in a New Light

Who knew that professional cyclist Taylor Phinney enjoys painting? Or how he used it to recover from that near-ending career crash in 2014…

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The Program Trailer

Winning was in his blood… This looks like it’s going to be interesting. Also, Ben Foster makes for a convincing Lance.

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More on Wiggo

You’ll have to excuse the dump of videos and photos for the Hour Record. I’ve been away from the internet for a few days…

Jun 7, 2015 1 comment
The History of the Hour Record

I’m so bummed to have been traveling from London during Wiggo’s Hour Record. For those who wanted a bit of background on the history of this event, check out the above video and see the rest of the series at Youtube. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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