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In Stock: Necronomicog Mountains of Madness Pocket T-Shirt

It doesn’t matter how well seasoned of a cyclist you are. When you find yourself at the Mountains of Madness, you’re in for a surprise. You may not find Mi-go or The Elder Things but you’ll find your inner demons…

Pocket tees are metal. HP Lovecraft is most definitely metal. This shirt, is kinda fuckin’ metal. Designed by myself and penned by Kyler Martz, These American Apparel pocket tees were printed up here in Austin by the super metal folks at Industry Printshop.

Scoop up one right now for $25 plus shipping in the PiNP Web Shop.

Mar 12, 2013 9 comments
Necronomicog Kits Have Shipped, For Real This Time

This is just an update so that everyone stops emailing me, wondering where the kits are. I know you received your shipping confirmation almost three weeks ago, when I paid for the postage. Apologies. I should have delayed the shipment email until they were ready to roll. Then you would have only waited a few days. Well, I just got word that all the kits were shipped out today but it’ll take a few days for USPS to update their tracking information.

That said, I hate the USPS’ tracking system. It doesn’t work, so before you freak out, just know that your kit is en route. Give it a week for the USA and yeah, sometimes it takes up to a month for international. If you haven’t received your kit in the USA by the end of next week, email me and I’ll look into it.

Seriously, thanks for being so understanding. Pre-orders usually have a few hiccups but I didn’t want you to wait this long…


Feb 5, 2013 3 comments
Necronomicog Kits are Shipping!

Photo by the Wilderness Office

If you ordered a Necronomicog kit, you should have received an email yesterday, saying it’s been shipped. They’re leaving from LA this week, so expect yours shortly. International customers always have to wait a few weeks for theirs to show up, so hold off on emailing me until you’ve given it some time.

Thanks for the support on these. I have a feeling like I’ll need to do one last run!

Jan 22, 2013 8 comments
Last Few Days for the Necronomicog Kit Pre-Order

I’m in LA this week and while I’m here, I’ll be handing over the money to Endo Customs for the Necronomicog kits. The pre-sale ends Saturday! So hurry up and book yours now because I won’t be making these again. Reserve yours today at the PiNP web shop.

Nov 28, 2012 Comments are OFF
Necronomicog Kits Pre-Order

That is not dead which can eternal ride! Summon the power of the Necronomicog while you tear through the streets or the blackened forests on your hell steed. These high-quality, race cut kits are made in Los Angeles by ENDO Customs. Pick up the bibs here for $135, the jersey for $115 and the arm / knee warmers for $75 at the PiNP Web Shop.

This is a pre-order. Expect shipments to arrive early January.

Pre-order is open until the end of November.

Nov 8, 2012 6 comments
Necronomicog Kits

So yesterday, I rode the dragon toward the crimson eye and opened up Illustrator to finally design the Necronomicog jersey that everyone’s been bugging me about. Since posting a few teasers up on Instagram, I’ve gotten a ton of emails asking for more details. So here you go.

As it stands now, Endo will be making me a sample kit to wear. Once I’m 100% sold on the design, I’ll open up a pre-order. This will be the standard pre-order with a pre-season lead time. The main difference is, I’ll ONLY have it open for a week, to ensure it doesn’t take too long to produce. This will take place in exactly two weeks, so put some money aside. YES you will be able to order just the jersey too.

In the next few weeks, there will be a series of product drops, coinciding with my new Webshop and PiNP v2.2. Expect some rad, Made in the USA products, including wool jerseys, collaborations, the introduction to the Purple Label goods and a few other surprises. Regarding the kit, don’t worry, I’ll give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the pre-order. It won’t be like my stickers…

Sep 28, 2012 20 comments
Gone Till Sunday

Leave it to coincidence that we plan a 120 mile, 8,000′ ride out to Colorado Bend State Park on Friday the 13th. Have a good weekend guys, get out, ride and I’ll see ya Sunday night.

All hail the Necronomicog!

Apr 13, 2012 4 comments