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AJ Austin: Don’t Move Here

I just got back from a ride to find this amazing gem in my inbox. So stoked on AJ’s riding. Crank arm slides, bump jumps, tire feeble to 180 and it’s all dialed. We gotta ride when I get back from Vegas homie!

Sep 17, 2012 9 comments
Milwaukee Bicycle Co: OX Platinum Disk Cyclocross Pre-Order

Milwaukee’s OX Platinum cross frame is now up on their site for pre-order. These frames are made from US tubing in the USA by Waterford and are only $660. No one can complain at that price, which comes in around most Taiwanese tigged frames. And you can even customize the paint. Now that’s a steal for steel. Head to Milwaukee Bicycle Co for pre-ordering information. For those interested in a carbon fork, the Whisky Parts Co Number 7 fork will do the trick.

Sep 8, 2012 2 comments
Milwaukee Bicycle Co: OX Platinum Road

The hand-made in the USA Milwaukee Bicycle Co road frames just got a lot nicer, and lighter. I recommended to the guys that they should offer a tubeset upgrade. Hailing True Temper’s OX Platinum as one of the best tubesets out there, they looked into it and here it is. Lighter, stronger and assembled by the oldest bicycle frame manufactures in the country, the Waterford-build Milwaukee Bicycle Co road frame is a great option for a “do anything” bike.

Light touring, firetrails, singletrack, whatever you throw at this bike, it can take. The OX Platinum frames start at $819 and the Verus at $679.

Jul 5, 2012 6 comments
Bens Cycle: Polished Deep Vs in Stock

Mirror-polished, deep-section rims can in fact look very classy on your track bikes. Velocity‘s Deep Vs may carry the “H” word stigma but if you’re looking for a rim that will literally withstand years of abuse and still look classy, check out the new polished Deep Vs that Bens Cycle just got in stock!

Jun 23, 2012 19 comments
AJ’s Milwaukee Bruiser Prototype
AJ's Milwaukee Bruiser

AJ and I are probably the only two people who have the 29′r Bruiser prototypes set up as legit fixed freestyle rides. Others are floating around but are currently being ridden as rigid MTBs and gravel grinders. This bike has seen a beating since AJ built it up last year, around this time. While the future of the Bruiser is unknown, I can attest to the fact that this bike is a lot of fun and more than capable at thrashing some street. AJ’s put in work on this beast and it shows.

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above, or click here to open a new tab.

Apr 23, 2012 13 comments
Ben’s Cycle in 1940
1940 old bens shop

A lot of people think Ben’s Cycle is some massive mailorder company. They forget that Ben’s was and still is a brick and morter store, dating back to 1940. Hell, I doubt there are a lot of shops still open today that were doing business back then. See more photos at the Ben’s Cycle blog.

Apr 21, 2012 5 comments