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RecFail with Damian Riehl

Photo by Matt Lingo

I’m really digging this photo from a set that Matt Lingo shot with Damian Riehl on a rainy afternoon in Porland a few weeks back. Head over to RecFail to see more.

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RecFail: Velodeath in Tecolote

Matt Lingo recently was sent a substantial care package from the guys at Velodeath, so he and Josh Hayes took to the woods for some October shreddage. Head over to RecFail to see a few more photos.

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Tecolote Canyon Cross Camp “TCCC” – Matt Lingo

Tecolote Canyon Cross Camp “TCCC”
Photos and words by Matt Lingo

Having someone like Josh Hayes around your office is a valuable asset. With all the logistics, red tape, and TPS reports that can seem to work against getting shit done, sometimes you just need someone to call a situation out for what it is, and then promptly return to their computer to blast Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.


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Josh Hayes Lead the Pack

Matt from Leader shot a video of Josh Hayes on a training ride in the Southern California mountains. I love how fit Josh is these days. We’ve both been shedding pounds… oh and SLEEP!

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Matt Lingo in Portland

Photos by Matt Lingo

Portland is the place to be this time of year if you enjoy riding in the rain! Matt Lingo was in Portland, shooting for Chrome and got to spend time with some solid dudes. Head over to Recfail to see more!

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Leader Bikes Lookbook

Matt Lingo and Leader worked together on a new lookbook for their 2014 lineup. The book includes tons of photos from the Wolfpack Hustle drag race as well as some more lifestyle-focused shots. Check it out above.

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Matt Lingo at the 2013 Ride + Style – FGFS

As far as I’m concerned, Ride + Style is the leading showcase for the top street racers and fixed freestyle riders. The days of grassroots comps are for the most part gone, leaving Ride + Style one of the few standing trick comps. It brings people from as far away as Japan to compete but most importantly, to keep the scene strong and connected.

This year, from what I can tell, people were more stoked to just fucking hang out than they were to win any award and to me, that’s the most important thing to take away from any competition. However, since it is a competition, there has to be a winner and this year’s Ride + Style FGFS champ is Matt Reyes.

Many thanks to Matt Lingo for pulling these photos together in such a timely manner. Keep on top of Matt’s work at RecFail and check out more photos from the 2013 Ride + Style track racers in the gallery.

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