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Mash SF: Chas Christiansen

I can take a few minutes from hosting guests to post this. Chas is on fire in this new edit from Mash. Now that’s endurance training…

Must see!

Nov 16, 2013 46 comments
Mash SF: Black Drop Bars

Mash and Cinelli continue their collaboration lineup with these ergo, 70mm reach, shallow drop bars, perfect for street track , CX or road bikes. No cable recesses means they’ll look great on a track bike! Pick up a pair at Mash.

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Chas and His Cinelli Rider Collection Cap

One of the true hustlers in the urban cycling scene is Chas from TCB Courier. Also a Mash / Cinelli rider, Chas was approached by the Italian brand to design a cycling cap for their Rider Collection Cap lineup. Check out this interview as Chas talks about what got him into bikes and the stigma associated with cycling caps!

I’ve got one and it’s one of the more unique caps out these days. You can pick one up at Cinelli’s Winged Store!

Oct 29, 2013 1 comment
Mash SF in Italy

I love it when Mike Martin from MASH travels with his team. I’ve seen numerous photos from the Masi shop over the years and few do it justice like these. Head over to Mash for more radness!

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Mash SF: New RGB Kits in Stock

To kick off cross season, Mash has just loaded their web shop with the a complete run of the new RGB kits. Head over to Mash to scoop because they won’t be in stock for long.

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Mash SF: Parallax Frameset

Here’s the production sample for the bike that the Mash team has been riding for the past year and a half. Dubbed the Parallax, here’s the scoop from Mash:

“We are happy to introduce our 2014 offering with Cinelli. The Parallax frame set was developed and field-tested over the past 18 months, with Chas and Walton deciding and tuning the bike’s geos. Like with any MASH project, every detail is fleshed by our group of friends. Garrett designed the graphics and colors of the bike and matching skin-suit, drawing inspiration from charts used to check the sharpness of camera optics. Enclosed are some details from this collaboration. Look for more updates as the racers prepare for the third installment of the Red Hook Crit series here, in Barcelona.”

See more photos at Mash SF.

Aug 20, 2013 3 comments