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Manual for Speed: New Space Tape Colors and Speed Tee

The guys at Manual for Speed have just restocked their popular Space Tape in three colors: black, pink and turquoise. Basically, something for everyone. Except you people who roll with all-white bar tape. Also restocked is the newest permutation of the Speed Tee. This round, leave the bright colors behind. It’s time for all-black!

See the full restock at Manual for Speed.

Jan 12, 2016 5 comments
Manual for Speed Loves Sagan!

The guys at Manual for Speed absolutely love our new world champion Peter Sagan so much that they made these killer t-shirts. Head over to Manual for Speed for more information.

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Manual for Speed: 2015 Cross Vegas

Manual for Speed has delivered the most comprehensive and fun recap from Cross Vegas to ever exist on the internet. To read a slightly cynical, yet honest review of the race, see lots and lots of photos and really dive into the event, head first, head over to Manual for Speed.

Sep 23, 2015 5 comments
Manual for Speed: New Artist Residency Bottles

If those wild, colorful Manual for Speed Artist Residency kits were too much for you, then how about some wild, colorful bottles? Each artist in the project got to design a pattern which was translated to a bottle, made in the USA by Specialized. In stock now at the MFS Shop.

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Manual for Speed Residency Kits – Sigrid Calon’ and Zio Ziegler Kits

I have no way of describing what I’m seeing here, so we’ll just let Manual for Speed do the ‘xplaining:

“The way we see it Cycling Kit is an opportunity for Elevated Personal Expression. As such we’re proposing a complete break from the hegemonic monotony of Corporate Body Advertising. Rather than being an unwilling participant in some Business Company’s fall product campaign, why not express your own aesthetic; an aesthetic that says culture counts, style counts and god damn it, art counts.

What is it about bike racing that we love so much, is it the Chaos, the Color, the Motion and the Trajectory? Yeah, it’s that. So we told these five contemporary artists to Interpret that.”

Sigrid Calon’s and Zio Ziegler‘s Artist Residency Kits are now in stock at Manual for Speed.

Aug 4, 2015 3 comments
Manual for Speed at the Tour de France

The two boys of wander are at the Tour this year and nestled inside each day’s Fabergé egg are a slew of great photos. I don’t know how you plan on spending your morning, but picking up with Stage 10 isn’t a bad distraction… Follow Manual for Speed for another 13 stages!

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The Manual for Speed Artist Residency Kits

Manual for Speed is keeping you cool during the hotttt summer months by teaming up with five different artists and allowing them full access to the canvas we call “cycling kits.” The first two kits to be released feature the artwork of Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry.

Additional kits designed by Sigrid Calon, Karan Singh, and Zio Ziegler are set to be released later this summer. 

For now, check out Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry’s cycling kits at Manual for Speed’s web shop.

Jul 14, 2015 1 comment
YO! MFS Cribz California Edition

“There is no denying that the world’s top cyclists are a breed apart, they are competitive thoroughbreds, human wunderkind graced with nearly limitless physical prowess. What they do on a bike, with their seemingly effortless speed and cagey instincts, is a sight to behold. A sight that creates hordes of ravenous fans and colorful motorcades that stretch beyond the horizon, a sight that fuels respectable economies and liberates the oppressed. These demi-gods are responsible for all of it, a great gift and a great burden, a weight that takes considerable effort to support even for those granted such remarkable powers. Even with all of their stamina and endurance, these cycling phenoms need a place where they can recover, hydrate, and watch House of Cards. Superman has his fortress, Batman his cave, and these real life superheros, they have their apartments, condos, and flats.

In this episode of YO! MFS Cribz, Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access to the Los Angeles area homes of six seasoned pros to catch a glimpse of their decadent SoCal lifestyles…”

Continue reading and see more photos at Manual for Speed!

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Manual for Speed: American Criteriums Poster

In the spirit of Rat Fink, Manual for Speed teamed up with Tony Batcheller of
Tonic Fabrication to design a speed fiend poster that embodies the spirit of crit racing in America. If you’re looking to cover some wall space, consider this unique poster. In stock now at Manual for Speed.

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Manual for Speed Does Tulsa Tough

Tulsa Tough is tough, simply put and while it’s a race, it lives in infamy as one of the partiest parties in American Crit Racing. With one hill in particular being the pinnacle of said party. Crybaby Hill is one you won’t soon forgot. If you’ve never been head over to Manual for Speed for a full update!

Jun 24, 2015 3 comments