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2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB

2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

We saw earlier this week the announcement of 44 Bikes offering titanium as a new frame material for their catalog. This extends to their Marauder hardtail mountain bike frames. The Marauder can come in various configurations, including superboosted, plus, slack and rowdy builds such as this. To up the ante even more, Kris from 44 Bikes added some anodized bits from Wolf Tooth Components give the build some pop. Titanium is a great material for a mountain bike frame and this bike is sure to make its new owner very happy.


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Nov 8, 2017 16 comments
The Mission Workshop Jean

Well, I always said if Mission Workshop ever made jeans, they’d be the best on the market. And that’s exactly what they are, the best jeans I’ve ever worn. These jeans are made in Los Angeles, from an advanced stretch-woven fabric developed exclusively for Mission Workshop by Mectex S.p.a. at their mill near Lake Como in Italy. Best of all, they’re guaranteed forever. In stock now in black or navy, at Mission Workshop.

Nov 8, 2017 6 comments
Widefoot’s Liter Cage Now Comes in Black

Widefoot, makers of the Liter Cage, now offer their Nalgene-friendly bottle cages in a black powdercoat finish, for those of you who prefer black components, to silver. I used these on my Hunter in South Africa, toting two, 1.5L Nalgenes on 115 miles of washboarded desert roads during the Karoobaix without issue. I do however recommend using one of their multistraps to keep the bottles from popping out on descents. Check out the Blackened Liter Cage at Widefoot!

Nov 7, 2017 No comments yet
Swift Industries’ Horizon Line is Made from X10 Cotton Duck

Your favorite Swift Industries bags just got a new, limited edition material option. Dubbed, the Horizon Line, the Zeitgeist, Sugarloaf and Paloma bags are made from X10 Cotton Duck, the very first traditional canvas fabric to incorporate the modern magic of XPac. This X10 Cotton Duck is a totally new waterproof cotton canvas, made here in the United States. Check out the Horizon Line, which is in stock now, at Swift Industries.

Nov 3, 2017 Comments are OFF
Mission Workshop’s Newest City Backpack: the Rhake

Technology is always changing and the way we move with it needs to adapt. That’s why Mission developed the Rhake, their newest backpack. Mission Workshop is known for their bombproof portage and apparel. To show their support of their loyal consumers, they’re offering $60 OFF if you order before midnight, Monday November 6. These packs ship Tuesday, November 7. Use code RHAKE60 at checkout (can’t be combined with other discounts). Made by hand in small batches in the USA, built to endure and guaranteed forever. Head to Mission Workshop to check out more details.

Nov 2, 2017 2 comments
Drop Bars Make it Hot: Mike’s Moots Mooto X RSL Dirt Drop MTB

Drop bars make any mountain bike hot. Now whether it’s a heat that you feel in your heart or in your stomach depends on your point of view. For Mike at Golden Saddle Cyclery, he wanted to do something new to his rigid Moots Mooto X RSL after growing tired of it with flat bars, so he converted it to a dirt drop MTB. By using a Wolf Tooth Tanpan, Mike was able to run Shimano road shifters with the MTB derailleur and cassette. That nifty piece of tech, gives you Di2 road / mountain compatibility with standard, cable-actuated shifting.

Mike’s been riding it to work at GSC, where he’s a mechanic, via the various dirt trails and roads in LA. When you think about it, a bike like this makes a lot of sense when you can ride dirt from your front door, that may not merit suspension but would benefit from a chunkier tire. Personally, I think bikes like this look damn good and are damn fun to ride.

Nov 1, 2017 41 comments
Sinewave Cycles New Beacon Generator Lamp with Built-In USB Outlet

Charging your devices from a generator hub is a great option for a touring bike or bikepacking rig. Unfortunately, it’s not usually the easiest to setup, often requiring splicing into the wiring. The newest made in the USA Sinewave Cycles product looks to change that with the Beacon generator lamp. This lamp has an integrated USB outlet, allowing you to either charge a battery pack or your device directly while maintaining a flicker-free beam. These are shipping now and come in a variety of colors. See more info at Sinewave Cycles. Kyle from Outer Shell has a great install posted on his Instagram, which I highly recommend checking out as well!

Oct 31, 2017 11 comments
Search and State’s Patriot Jersey

For those camo lovers out there, and I know there are a few of you, Search and State’s newest jersey takes the “hi and vis” out of hi-vis with their newest jersey, the Patriot. Sewn in New York City and featuring classic camouflage, this re-up won’t last long, so act fast. In stock now at Search and State. Stay tuned for another scavenger hunt next week, LA!

Oct 27, 2017 7 comments