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Tunitas Carryall: Basket Pack

Basket bags are all the rage these days and each company that makes them has a unique approach to the resolution of the sweaty back problem. Tunitas Carryall is based in San Francisco and their Basket Pack is part backpack and part basket bag. These bags come in the three colors; charcoal, seaglass, forest ranger and are in stock now at Tunitas Carryall.

Apr 4, 2018 6 comments
Revelate Designs Releases Terrapin System 8L Seat Pack

Getting bikepacking seat bags to fit on smaller frames can be a hassle, resulting in the rider needing to move the load from the bike onto their back. Revelate’s newest design, the Terrapin 8L pack looks to solve this problem. Based off the concept of their larger seat bag, the Terrapin System, this waterproof seat pack is designed with small clearances in mind.

A notable design feature of the Terrapin System 8L is Revelate’s new saddle rail attachment, which utilizes an active cam locking buckle, resulting in engagement and stability, two crucial elements when it comes to packing a load in on a seat pack. The included drybag is 3D formed with radio frequency welded construction, custom fit for the holster. It includes an air purge valve to allow for proper compression of the system. The Terrapin System 8L will have an MSRP of $135 and is available in black, crush (purple) and Multicam. See more at Revelate.

Apr 2, 2018 1 comment
Anna’s Gunnar Hyper-X Covered in Paul Comp – Jarrod Bunk

Anna’s Gunnar Hyper X Covered in Paul Comp
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I’ve seen a lot of bikes built around a theme, one where you wonder where the mind of the person wanders.  This bike is one of those.  Initially, an Ocean Air Cycles Stem Top sparked this build which then turned into one of the best uses for gold and blue ano on a bike.  The mash-up is so good, I had to double take.  Anna’s Gunnar is covered with matching Paul Component from top to bottom, but my favorite pieces are definitely the Klampers. From there its built with a wild set of Gevanalle shfiters, White Industries headset and a mix of SRAM components.

I visited town a little while ago, granted it’s still snowy in some parts of the world, but I’m sure this will be ripping the River Bottoms shortly, probably with some different rubber.  I love this bike!


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Mar 28, 2018 52 comments
Chumba’s Made in Texas Rastro Long Travel 27.5+ Hardtail

With a geometry tuned for a 140mm or 150mm fork and build kits ranging from $2995 to $3595 for a complete, the Chumba Rastro long travel 27.5+ hardtail looks to be a strong competitor for those looking at buying a new hardtail. Chumba makes all their frames outside of Austin, Texas and works with Fox and Shimano components. These complete prices reflect various modes: Trail, Enduro, and All-Trail but you can request a build spec of your own and even buy just the frame. Bottom line is; the build options are endless on a more than capable frame.

Check out more specs at Chumba and I hope to get to review one of these bikes!

Mar 12, 2018 2 comments
SORRY SOLD OUT! YO 26oz “Long Bed” Bottles

Inspired by the 1980s Toyota DLX pickup body stripe decals and even Ivan Stewart’s own trophy trucks, these 26oz long bed bottles are just at home blasting through the deserts on a mtb as they are perched inside some King Cages on your road bike. Props to all the ill-shitty Toyota pickups, keepin’ it classy with the YO.

These are in stock now. SORRY SOLD OUT! A PAIR of bottles are $27.00 shipped in the USA or $37.00 shipped worldwide. Pick up a set below!

Mar 12, 2018 15 comments
Sean Hipkin for Swift Industries: Hand Painted Horizon Line Zeitgeist Saddle Bags

In celebration of Swift Industries’ 10 Year Anniversary, artist Sean Hipkin hand-painted a one-off of their Horizon Line Zeitgeist Saddle Bag. Giving Sean complete artistic freedom, everyone at Swift was amazed and surprised to see the final product. This is the first time seeing Sean’s work and I must say, it’s trippy. In a good way! See an interview with Sean at the Swift blog.

Mar 12, 2018 Comments are OFF
Mission Workshop’s Capsule Padded Modular Camera Insert

One of the projects I’ve been urging Mission Workshop to take on, since the brand’s inception I might add, is the same thing all photographers want; a smart, simple, and modular camera carrying system. Mission’s responded with the Capsule, a padded and modular insert that works with most of its current bags and on its own. These bags are designed to carry a number of bodies and lenses, are made in the USA and in stock now at Mission Workshop.

Mar 8, 2018 4 comments
PAUL Goes Gold to the Walls

Gold grillz, gold Cadillacs, gold PAUL to the walls. Whether your still tippin’ or getting into the game, PAUL Components’s newest limited edition anodized colorway is for you. Every single thing Paul makes is now available in a gold anodizing that’s consistent across the catalog. Head on over to order.

Mar 8, 2018 6 comments