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Smooth Rolling with Industry Nine’s AR25 Disc All Road Wheels

For me, wheels can be measured by two factors: price and resilience. I try to act like weight doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter until it does. That’s a whole ‘nother discussion though. Anyway, for the past month, I’ve been riding the new Industry Nine AR25 wheels. Marketed for “all road” applications, these wheels use the Torch disc hub system with a three-pawl, 6º freehub mechanism, a 21mm inner width rim, and are laced with 24 Sapim CXray spokes. Industry Nine reduced the pawls by half to cut down on weight, drag and that insanely loud noise they’re well known for. There’s always that moment of anxiety when you spin an i9 hub for the first time. Just how loud is this one going to be? (more…)

Mar 30, 2017 30 comments
Adam’s Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel Road

So many blue bikes as of late here on the site, but maybe that’s a sign for the bluest of blue Spring skies. In the Eastern Sierra corridor last weekend, we had some pristine weather. Minimal cloud cover with snow-capped mountains and temperatures in the 80’s. It was the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. One of the Team Dream models, Adam, has this drool-worthy Indy Fab Crown Jewel built with Campagnolo Chorus 11, Mavic Ksyrium wheels and White Industries VBC cranks. I know this bike looks clean, but trust me, it gets ridden plenty.

I love how this bike pops against the environment and how great it looks going fast!

Mar 28, 2017 23 comments
Give Your Spurcycle Bell a Boost with the Belltower

If you’ve ever used a Spurcycle bell on a MTB, then you know how difficult it can be to properly locate it between you grips, brakes, dropper and shifter modules. The Belltower alleviates that. Acting like a spacer lift, the Belltower puts the Spurcycle bell a bit higher up… They’re $6.95, made in the USA and in stock now at Lindarets.

Mar 28, 2017 1 comment
Add Color and Laser Etching to Your Cambium Saddle with CRivets

These days, you can literally color match every piece of hardware and componentry on your bike and now, even your Cambium saddle rivets. CRivets offers anodized colors and custom laser etching services to personalize your Cambium saddle. Email them your art, wait for the CRivets to ship and then install them, using their easy online installation steps. I’ve got a set and the detail in the etching is impressive. Now I’ve just gotta find a Cambium to put them on!

Mar 23, 2017 29 comments
SORRY SOLD OUT! Backcountry Byways Bottles

Inspired by the signage found on desert BLM roads outside of Death Valley, these Backcountry Byway bottles look like something out of Jodorowsky’s Dune storybook. These are in a very limited run, so you can swoop one bottle for $10 + shipping below. Because these are limited, there is a one bottle per person limit. PLEASE do not double order.


Mar 21, 2017 12 comments
Darren’s Crust Bikes Dreamer 27.5″ Dirt Tourer Prototype

These days, the options for a touring bike are plentiful, especially when tapping into the framebuilding community. Yet, many of these US-made frames will set you back thousands of dollars. For people who can’t quite drop over $2,000 on a frame, Crust Bikes offers up the Dreamer. With clearances for 2.2″ 27.5″ tires with fenders, tons of braze-ons for extra bottles, a steel fork and lightweight tubing, these Dreamer frames are made right here in Los Angeles and come in at $1,450, painted. This is not a heavy duty touring bike, it’s a lighter, zippier version of the Crust Evasion.

Having watched Darren, the builder of these frames, shred the shit out of this bike, I’m sold. Sign me up. If you’d like a Dreamer, head to Crust Bikes for more information. They’re expecting these framesets any day now.

Mar 21, 2017 55 comments
Chris King’s New Limited Edition Colors

We’ve seen the bright and matte emerald color on the Moots from NAHBS, now here’s a look at all three limited edition colors from Chris King: matte black, matte slate and matte emerald. All three colors are available for ordering now. Limited Edition Matte Emerald is available for pre-order now and has a 40-day lead time. The last day to place an order for Matte Emerald is June 12, 2017, so holler at your local Chris King dealer today.

Mar 17, 2017 2 comments
Paul Components Quick Release Seat Collars

Whether you’re looking to drop your saddle a bit mid-ride, or if you remove your seatpost while your bike is locked up, quick-release seat collars are extremely useful. If you’re a fan of Paul Components and love quick-release seat collars, today’s your lucky day. In stock now at Paul.

Mar 16, 2017 2 comments
2017 NAHBS: Argonaut Road with SRAM Red eTap

Each year, Argonaut brings some very classy bikes to NAHBS and even though I loved the matte black and Olive Drab with King 40th build he brought, I couldn’t help myself and had to shoot this white beaut with SRAM Red eTap. Being a tall guy myself, I love seeing bigger bikes that still nail the proportions and aesthetics.

The best thing about Argonauts is they ride just as well as they look.

Mar 14, 2017 5 comments
White Industries’ New Headset Teaser

White Industries has widened their product range with their new headsets announcing officially at NAHBS this year. While these new headsets aren’t available just yet, but if all goes well, they will be for sale this year. Expect a variation of headset configurations, along with more information soon. If you’d like to drool over more photos, check out some more below. (more…)

Mar 7, 2017 20 comments