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Two Hot New Geekhouse Woodville Touring Bikes

The Geekhouse Woodville is the Boston-based framebuilding outfit’s touring model. Designed for long-hauls on the road or even around-town commuting, these frames are guaranteed to see their share of miles. This pair in particular was built for Bryn and Katie in Colorado, who have been more than psyched on their new bikes.

I’ve had some of my favorite moments on a bicycle on mine and still to this day find myself tweaking little details. More on that to come next week. For now, here are a few unique specimens, documented by Heather McGrath. Check out more photos below and read up at the Geekhouse website! (more…)

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Mission Workshop: Hauser Hydration Backpack in Black MultiCam

The Hauser has been my go-to bikepacking, MTB riding and even commuter day pack since its inception. A highly versatile bag that’s both made in the USA and super comfortable just got more stylish (depending on how you feel about camo). The latest bag is made from black Multicam printed cordura. Multicam is a subtle print that looks even better splatted with mud… For those who always ask how I carry a camera on the bike, I use the 10L for DSLRs like the 5Dmkiii or rangefinders and the 14L for the Canon 1DX and two lenses.

See more at Mission Workshop.

Jul 16, 2015 2 comments
Masi’s Legacy Frames are Made in California

This looks like a great way to celebrate a legacy like Masi:

“Celebrating our 90th anniversary, and the heritage that brought Masi from Italy to southern California, we’re producing 100 American made, hand built, Gran Criterium and Cross Campaigner frames. Featuring modern geometry, modern components, and modern, shaped Columbus steel tubing were not just recognizing our history…we’re celebrating our present.”

See more at Masi!

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Stinner Frameworks Now Offering Titanium

Steel is real and ti is uh, fly? You bet it is, especially when its wielded by Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks. What is considered a lifeline companion tubing material, titanium offers a lively feel unmatched by other choices and is perfect for an “all-road” or cyclocross bike.

To commemorate this new tubing option, Aaron is offering a Ti stinner frame for $3,100 (frame and matched Enve fork) to 15 spots. There are only 5 spots left as I’m typing this, so make think about it, but do so with haste. After that, the frameset price will be $3,495 for the frame, painted or raw, with a painted to match Enve fork. Holler at Stinner for more information.

Check out some more photos below, by our dude Hazardous Taste. (more…)

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Mash and Phil Wood

Mash has collaborated with Phil Wood three times now and while the original high flange green hubs were very, very nice these battleship gray low flange models turned out exquisite. These bombproof hubs are 32 hole, fixed / fixed and would look great on a street or a race wheelset.

Pick up a set of these killer hubs at Mash

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Firefly Bicycles: SPLAT!

I’m so glad to see this. For a few reasons. One of which it’s my friend Ross’ seat post for his tourer, which is ramblin’ through Montana right now. Another is why wouldn’t you request anodization like this if you’re getting a Firefly?

Jul 9, 2015 4 comments
SOLD OUT! The Radavist Trail Friends Purist Bottle Package – Texas

Red n yellow kill a fellow… As a youngster who spent a lot of time in the woods of North Carolina hunting down snakes, this saying resonated throughout my pre-pubescent mind. As an adult who still spends a lot of time in the woods, when I see a colorful banded snake, it’s the first thing I recollect. While the coral snake rarely claims any victims, barring the occasional drunken fool, these snakes are the most venomous in North America and in many regards, the most beautiful. The Texas Coral Snake is a completely different subspecies from its other North American family. The main difference is, it tends to wear more black…

Paired with this colorful bottle is a Opuntia cactus, commonly called the Prickly Pear, it too can leave you with some puncture wounds if you’re not careful. My run-ins with these plants occur more on the dinner plate that tire sidewall however. Nopales is a standard-issue taco option here in Texas, so order it up next time you’re ’round these parts. I wouldn’t dare eat our slithering friend the Texas Coral Snake.

Artwork by Kyler Martz, inspired by nature.

Pick up a pair of these 22oz Purist bottles (that’s one Coral Snake and one Prickly Pear. Sorry, we’re mixing it up here) for $18.00 plus shipping ($5 domestic $14 international). Please limit one order per customer. If you place two orders, I’ll cancel the second order! SORRY SOLD OUT!


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PAUL Component Engineering Talks Klamper Disc Brakes

Here is the man who designed and fabricated the Klamper disc brake calipers. Paul Price has been making rad shit in Chico California since 1989. He’s seen trends come and go, yet when a piece of technology makes a leap industry-wide, he knows when it’s time to design a product to keep on top of the demand. Discs are here to stay and now, there’s a USA-made option. Good on ya, Paul. I can’t wait to give a set a run!

Jul 7, 2015 2 comments
Paul Component Engineering Klampers Have Landed!

I remember a comment here on the Radavist. It went something like “If GOD wanted disc brakes on drop bar bicycles, then PAUL would make them…”

Well, the Klampers are here and they’re ready for public consumption. In short pull (for SRAM, Shimano, etc road levers) or long pull (for top pull brake levers), in black or silver. I don’t even know why I’m typing anything because they’re probably already gone! Made in the USA in Chico, California and tested by the guy whose name is on each caliper.


Jul 7, 2015 34 comments
Wolf Tooth Direct Mount SRAM Rings in Stock up to 38t

I love the direct mount chainring interface and I love SRAM’s cranks, so when Wolf Tooth offers up a tasty 38t option, with a 40t and 42t on the way, It’s hard to say no. I raced all last cross season on a 40t Wolf Tooth ring but would gladly take a direct mount for this season… Check out more at Wolf Tooth.

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