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Tie Dyed Ramblin Rolls

This might be the funkiest Ramblin Roll design to date! Pre-order a Ramblin Roll for road tubes or a Rumblin Roll for MTB tubes and if you don’t need either, there are also pouches for pre-order. All at TDT!

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Search and State: B-1 Lightweight Merino Wool Baselayer

Search and State continue their line of merino cycling apparel with their B-1, a lightweight (because it has no sleeves, right?) baselayer meant to keep you cool in warm weather. These are made in New York City and come in one color: black. Check out more information at Search and State.

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Team Dream Wants You to Be Seen in Style

Team Dream just launched their newest collection, featuring some classic designs with a twist. A bright twist! Visibility is important in spring weather, where a fog can roll in, enveloping the road and making it hard to be seen by drivers. This new TDT jersey, socks and cap combination ensures that you’ll be seen, in style. Head over to Team Dream for ordering. This is not a pre-order, these pieces are all in stock now!

Is there any interest in seeing the rest of these photos? They’re pretty freaking beautiful!

May 13, 2016 8 comments
Silca’s Throwback Tee

Ya know, Silca didn’t begin in Indianapolis. There’s a long legacy of pump making in that brand’s DNA. To commemorate this legacy, as well as the Giro, Silca teamed up with Tim DeBoom to illustrate this 1970’s team car and had them printed at Endurance Conspiracy in Boulder.

Scoop one up at Silca.

May 10, 2016 2 comments
Must Thrive Socks

I like the looks and the sound of this project from Bonedeth (Dan Chabanov and Krista):

“For anyone who has ever felt like giving up, fought tooth and nail just to keep their head above water, and found themselves stronger because of their struggle. Designed with those suffering from chronic illness in mind, the Must Thrive socks are for the fighter in all of us. All proceeds will be donated to the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation in honor of the Ciminera Family. Please visit for more information.”

Orders will start shipping out Mid May 2016. Head over and pre-order a pair of Must Thrive Socks! Nice one guys!

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