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Search and State: New Leg Warmers

Spring is here but that doesn’t mean warm weather has followed suit just yet. Search and State has you covered. Literally. Now you can wear their gear from heat to toe, or ankles rather, with their new Leg Warmers.

Made from a heavier weight fabric than their famous Arm Warmers, the Leg Warmers feature a brushed back and secure zipper closure. They’re still lightweight enough to be removed and stowed in your jersey pocket.

Like all SAS apparel, the S1-LW are made in New York City and are in stock now at Search and State.

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Cadence: Mesh Caps

Mesh ain’t limited to trucker hats. Check out these new mesh caps, offered by Cadence, featuring a breathable mesh, the perfect option for those forthcoming warm days. Available in color halftone or black, depending on your personal style. See more at Cadence.

Mar 24, 2015 8 comments
AARN 144#N AAMERICA B&W Chainrings in Stock

AARN’s 144#N track chainrings have returned in the AAMERICA anodizing, although this time, they’re black, silver, and gray. Each ring’s finish is hand-applied, meaning each part is unique, and is packaged in a limited edition letterpress printed envelope with a black to silver split-fountain logo fade. These ring are available in 47 and 49t options, with only 100 units in stock.

The Radavist’s readers can use the code “AAMERICA” for 12% off their order of anything in the AARN webshop, including these new rings.

Mar 23, 2015 4 comments
Team Dream’s Biggest Collection Yet!

Dream ér Stage Race Leaders Jersey

We all know Team Dream makes some great gear but this season’s drop has really raised the bar for the brand. With new jerseys, bibs, shirts, socks and accessories, there’s something for everyone, at any pricepoint. My personal favorites are the Thin Stripe and Dots Jerseys as well as the Thin Stripe Socks and the Chubby Bobcat Pocket T.

See more at Team Dream and check out the full collection below, including some of Jesse Carmody‘s rad photos!


Mar 20, 2015 7 comments
What Makes the Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen Move

While the public may know about the Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen, they might not know the inner-workings or exactly how the two brands operate under one roof. There’s a misconception that Sacha White runs the whole show with maybe one or two other people. When in reality, it takes a whole team to keep things moving.

Recently, the Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen shared a little insight to help people better understand what really makes them move. Read on below!


Mar 16, 2015 4 comments
Kitsbow: It’s All About the Base

Brands don’t often take the time to offer insight into their inner workings, so when they do, I take note. Kitsbow just posted an interview of sorts with Charlie Cronk, their lead designer about base layers. Head on over to Kitsbow for more.

Mar 13, 2015 6 comments
2015 NAHBS: Silca’s Custom Paint Series Pumps
2015 NAHBS: Silca's Custom Paint Series Pumps

If there is any pump worthy of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, it’s the Silca Superpista Ultimate Floor Pump. These puppies are hardly your standard-issue shop pump. For starters, they’re machined in Indianapolis, Indiana, using the highest quality materials including race car engine hosing. Silca then dumped the standard issue +/-5% industrial gauge for a +/-1% laboratory grade gauge that reads from 0-160 psi. There’s also a stainless chuck and a magnetic bed, keeping it in place when not in use. All this with a rosewood handle and weighing in at 7lbs.

Anyway, back to NAHBS and Silca’s presence there. New for 2015, Silca is offering their pumps at a paint-grade finish, along with various gauge and hose colors, allowing for customization. What you’re seeing here are a few examples they had on deck with them at NAHBS. From a Pegoretti-painted (center) to a classic Martini racing Silca (right) and even half of a his/hers pairing (right), you can see the options are endless.

I felt like giving these unique pumps a treatment on par with the unique bicycles I shot at NAHBS. Contact Silca for more information and I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

Mar 12, 2015 5 comments