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Search and State: S2-R Performance Bib Shorts

Search and State’s S1-S riding bib shorts are still some of my favorite bibs. With a few tweaks, their newest piece of apparel will not disappoint. The S2-R performance bib is cut from the same fabric as the S1-S riding bib, but with a new, still comfortable chamois, longer shoulder straps, a reshaped mid section and an improved leg elastic pattern. The S2-R bib is still made in New York City and is in stock now at Search and State.

Feb 2, 2016 12 comments
Ritchey Retro Blue Kit

Ritchey brings back a retro design for their new kits. These “Retro Blue” jerseys and bibs are made in Los Angeles by Endo Customs and are in stock now at Ritchey.

Feb 1, 2016 1 comment
Matt’s Kish Titanium Disc ‘Cross
Matt's Kish Titanium 'Cross Bike

Matt from SWRVE got himself an early Christmas present this year. His custom Kish titanium ‘cross bike is everything he needs to take on the roads and tracks in the Los Angeles area. Titanium bikes make for great off-road vehicles. The material itself “eats up” a lot of the rough ride and it’ll be more dent-resistant from any wrecks that might happen. With a nice clean coat of blue paint on the frame, as well as the stem and seatpost, you almost get distracted from noting the Campagnolo Centaur gruppo, or the big fat tires this pup is rolling on.

After acquiring all the parts for the frame, Matt took this bike to Golden Saddle Cyclery for a pro build. I love clean, simple bikes like this and I can’t wait to see it dusty and dirty. Enjoy this beaut, Matt!

Feb 1, 2016 33 comments
Revelate Designs: The Wampack Winter Hydration Pack

Revelate’s newest product isn’t a bikepacking bag, it’s a solution for winter riding hydration. The Wampack is a low-profile hydro pack, meant to be worn under your layers during the colder months, although I don’t see why you couldn’t wear it year round as a normal, minimal hydro pack. Like all of Revelate’s products, the Wampack is made with care in Alaska, where they know a thing or two about cold temperatures. It retails for $95, so keep an eye out at your local Revelate dealer, or head to the Revelate blog to read up more about the Wampack.

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Hunter Cycles: New Caps and Shred Packs
Hunter copy

You don’t have to buy a frame to support framebuilders. Rick from Hunter Cycles does a great job at making products that fit his particular style, both on and off the bike. He knows a simple, made in the USA cap goes a long way and those Porcelain Rocket-made “Shred Packs” are great for short dirt rides. His latest batch of the Shred Packs come in an array of colors and camo patterns. Both the caps and the packs are in stock now at Hunter Cycles.

Jan 28, 2016 2 comments
AARN Black and White Camo #144/49 Track Chainrings in Stock

Over the next few weeks, AARN will be producing a number of chainrings in both limited batches and new designs. This particular batch of black and white camo anodizing came a bit early, after a wholesale customer backed out on an order. Their loss, your gain. Swoop one up now at AARN.

Jan 26, 2016 1 comment
Take Flight with Velocity’s Quill Road Rim

Road rim innovations come peacemeal for companies like Velocity. It’s a process of building technology up off of previous accomplishments. For their newest rim profile, they took their Aileron disc rim, combined it with their successful A23 road rim and developed the Quill. This rim is lighter, stiffer, and wider, coming in at 24.5mm external and 21.1mm internal widths. Available in various drillings, in black and polished finishes.

See more at Velocity.

Jan 25, 2016 3 comments
Mission Workshop: the Sector Merino Crew Neck
merinowool-crew-2 copy

A few good merino crew necks are staples in anyone’s wardrobe. I’ve been wearing a sample of this shirt for about three years. It’s become a favorite shirt for riding, traveling and day to day wear.

The Sector is Mission Workshop’s 18.9 micron 190g/sm Australian Merino Wool crew neck and to give it an extra strong resilience, they spun nylon into the weave. Made in San Francisco and in stock now at Mission Workshop.

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Paul Component Engineering: New and Improved Bottle Opener

Woah woah woah, what? Now that Paul makes damn fine disc brakes, their bottle opener needed a bit of a re-design. In reality, this was one of those tradeshow moments every component manufacturer has dealt with. A loyal customer approaches the booth with a “you know what you should make?” comment. This time, it was actually a great idea. Add a rotor-tuning slot to the existing Bottle Opener. Boom. Done. Does this mean all the pre-rotor tuning openers will be worth millions? Cuz I have a few!

Scoop up a new Bottle Opener at Paul!

Jan 13, 2016 3 comments