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Beautiful Bicycle: Josh and His Low

When I met up with Josh to shoot photos of his LOW track bike, he had one last run to make on his shift. When he pulled up the USPS box on his pursuit bars, I had to get a few shots of him. Great bike and a great dude.

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Josh’s LOW
Beautiful Bicycle: Josh's LOW

After the 2011 NACCCs, Josh relocated to Austin from SF, where he worked at TCB Courier. Once settling in here in town, he took Andrew Low up on his offer for a track frame. Andrew went to town on this one with the finishing. This was the first frame that Andrew etched the owner’s name into the top tube. Other finishing notes include the TCB Courier logo etched in and Andrew’s signature on the non-drive chainstay.

Josh wanted this bike to ride fast and secure, so he went with some SRAM Omniums and a bullhorn on his cockpit. What better way to top off the build than with a Pentabike Muststash?

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Another Day Another LOW

At this point, I’ve lost count of how many LOW‘s I’ve photographed. But at least this one is on entirely different turf. Josh’s LOW is the first one in Texas. Fancy that! More to come…

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Andrew showed me these photos when I was visiting him in SF and LOOP Magazine now has this collaboration up for lottery sale. Not that you guys want to drop that kind of coin on a collaboration but it’s still a nice looking frame. While we’re on the subject of Loop, Dan Chabs made the cover!

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Another Round with LOW
Another Round with LOW

It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year since Chas emailed me, asking me to post about Andrew Low‘s work, leading to a full queue for the SF-based frame builder. He’s been steady cranking away this year at frames, sending them worldwide.

In that time, he’s refined his shop, and over the past few weeks, he’s working on some frame refinements. Faced track ends and finished welds are just a few of the things Andrew’s been working on. I tell ya, if I raced at the track, I’d ride one of these bikes.

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Marc and Kelli
Marc and Kelli

These two kids are some of my favorite #FixieFamous celebs. Marc and Kelli are like a match made in Vice Magazine. When they’re not in sleeveless shirts, they’re kitted out in the hills of LA and SF. While Marc has been racing track (and looking for alleycats) the past few years, he’s just started branching off into road racing, which inspired Kelli to do the same. I caught up with these two, the day after a race and took some photos of them.

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Massan’s MUNI LOW
Massan's MUNI LOW

About a year ago, a man named Andrew Low came onto the track bike scene. Based in SF, Andrew builds handmade aluminum track frames in a small and tidy workshop in the Mission. San Francisco is widely responsible for the aluminum track bike hype and LOW has the made in the USA market cornered. When Massan caught wind of Andrew, he had to support a builder from his home town…

Just recently, Andrew completed a low pro model in a MUNI livery for Massan and I had the chance to photograph it in the Embarcadero on Saturday. With Massan’s recent induction into the Chrome Familia, this bike will be getting a lot of press-love, but for now, here’s my lens-love.

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Kim Heikkinen’s LOW

Photo by Kim Heikkinen

Yes, steel is real, but LOW is one of the few people making handmade in the USA aluminum track frames and for that reason, he’ll always get love here on the PiNP. Kim’s new LOW is looking good. Can’t wait to see how it gets built up. If it’s like Kim’s other builds, it’ll be balleur.

Edit: Jussi has the story behind this bike on his blog. Check it out!

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