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Things Got a Little Rowdy Today

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies on a tandem must be extra careful while embracing Rubber Side Up! Kyle and Robert sent the Salsa Powderkeg off a rock lip during a Ringtail photoshoot this morning and things didn’t go so well. Ok, the air photo is rad but they landed a bit off-axis and took a mean spill.

Robert suffered minor dirt rash but Kyle’s pretty banged up. Needless to say it was a long pedal back down the trail…

Oct 23, 2015 18 comments
Mother Nature Did That Thing Again
The plants are so metal in the mountains.

NOAA predicts this year’s El Niño will be one for the record books. While Los Angeles is in dire need of rain, it doesn’t mean our trails are happy when the sky does open its glands and weeps onto our mountains. Last week, the 5 got hit with mudslides, cars were washed away, property damaged, etc. If this is a vignette into the future, we’re in for a bloody muddy winter. (more…)

Oct 22, 2015 15 comments
A Father and Son’s Sunset Speedvagen Shred Sled
A Father and Son's Sunset Speedvagen Shred Sled

Yesterday, Jonathan and I rode up to the blacktop in Griffith Park to catch the sunset. As we’re sitting there, talking about life and this transition I’m going through, up rolls Bryan and his son Alden in a Burley trailer, being drug up the crazy steep hill by an older Speedvagen team ‘cross bike. It literally happened in slow motion for me. Maybe it was the light, or the fact that a young human being is having the best introduction to cycling. Whatever it was, I was engaged.

Luckily, I had my camera on me from shooting a few photos of Jonathan for the #HotBoyzofCycling calendar, so I was able to capture this moment in the last seconds of sunlight. I love the logos, especially the EDGE logo which really dates this frame. The asymmetric Paul touring canti is a nice touch as well, but like with all Speedvagens, the paint was so good!

I’ve seen a lot of amazing stuff in Los Angeles, but this just made my day…

Oct 2, 2015 17 comments
Do Not Feed the Animals

Like all animals, human beings posses that atavistic urge to play. It’s been said that a dog will die if it can’t exercise and perhaps humanity can learn a little from that. Look, we’re highly evolved animals, but we’re still animals.

Yesterday, a solid crew of individuals ascended upon the Angeles National Forest to ride bikes, talk the talk and attempt to ride the walk (or the parts of the trail that are just too steep to ride.) A few photographers, a few bike shop owners, an intern, a man with a mustache, a brand owner, a tourist and a blogger (that’s me) all met at the trail head around 4pm, after the hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

The bikes were as varied as the individuals who chose to pedal into the fleeting light and as mother nature began to drop a nuke on the Angeles Nat’l Forest, some animal-like behavior began to shine. Playing, eating, talking shit (barking) and then we all became mesmerized by the spectacle that is mother nature.

A ride is best measured by the amount of time soaking in the scenery and exploring one’s own abilities on the bicycle, not the moving time, elevation or distance traveled.


We ended with pizza, a few beers and a sated drive back down to the City of Angels.

Oct 1, 2015 9 comments
The Radavist 2015 Calendar: October

This is the tenth layout of the Radavist 2015 Calendar, entitled “Chill-AY-OH!”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

They say happy cows come from California, but I’m pretty sure that implies to us animals as well. As nature drops a nuke on the Angeles Forest, we cooked it back to the safety of big city living, but not before a post-ride pizza pie.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2015 Calendar – October. Please, this photo is for personal use only!

(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

Oct 1, 2015 Comments are OFF
Lights Out
Still going up!

If you can’t tell, life has been complicated over here. All last week, I was packing up my belongings, selling or giving away the excess and planning for the final move from Austin to Los Angeles. Both the emotional and physical baggage I left Austin with is now in LA, still boxed up awaiting to be opened and placed in their home.

It’s been a busy, stressful, overwhelming few days and as a cyclist, that means I can only relax by pedaling my bike, preferably with friends and on some dirt. Luckily, there’s a lot of both in my new city.

We’ve seen photos from these trails before. Cherry Canyon is like a mini-Verdugos. It’s what can be best described as a cross-country park with fireroads going up the hills and singletrack offshoots bombing down. You pedal up for about 10 minutes and rip down for 5. When you realize that a trail system is a little boring on a mountain bike, you take out your cyclocross bike and try to go as fast as possible down… If you’re still losing interest, do so at night.

Night riding is part of life as a cyclist. Especially in Fall. My buddy Jack drove over with me in the moving truck to hang in LA, so we hit up Sean from Team Dream Team to take us on a spin.

I’ve been using the Bontrager Ion700t lights for trail riding, paired with the Bluetooth switch. One on the bars and one on the helmet. 700 lumens has proven to be more than enough to illuminate the trails in a city like LA, with its excessive light pollution. Expect a more thorough review soon.

Last night, Cherry Canyon provided a great sunset and a perfect way to reduce the overpowering and crippling stress of a move. Things will pick up full speed next week… thanks for your patience.

Sep 30, 2015 19 comments
Greggy’s Cherubim Racer Road with Campagnolo EPS
Greggy's Cherubim Road with Campagnolo EPS

Greggy’s Cherubim Racer Road with Campagnolo EPS
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by Greggy San Pablo

When Kyle reached out to Greggy for the back-story on how this gorgeous Cherubim Racer Road came to be, he answered in such a manner that was just too good to chop up or paraphrase, so here it is, albeit slightly edited down for content.

So… Why a Cherubim and what inspired this bike?

“Well, the choice took a forever for many reasons, but I’ll condense it for you…The Cinelli Laser and several NJS frames are my favorite frames to gawk at. If a Cinelli Laser and a 3Rensho had a baby, that was the style of frame I wanted built. I started looking for frame builders in 2012 and came across Shin-Ichi Konno’s builds on the NAHBS 2013 webpage. The Cherubim racer prototype at the 2013 NAHBS was almost exactly what I imagined. Through emails I communicated with Keigo at Cherubim to have one built. I sent my measurements, the geometries of the bicycles I ride most and find most comfortable before being confirmed for a build in December 2013. Hopefully, on my birthday.

The frame was designed to have a sloping top tube with an integrated stem but my frame size would be too small for an integrated stem. I elected for the traditional top tube without the integrated stem and to have the frame built specifically for the Version 2 Campagnolo EPS group. The most difficult decision was choosing a paint scheme. After three months of being indecisive I decided to have them chose it for me. Then a few weeks later I came across this iridescent purple and blue Bridgestone. I sent the pictures to Keigo and I was told Bridgestone possesses that color, so the frame was sent to their facility for paint.

I got the frame December 2014 and finished the build May 2015. The final product looks more like the child of a Cinelli Laser and Bridgestone Anchor, which isn’t a bad thing, right??”

Greggy, that is definitely not a bad thing!


Follow Kyle on Instagram and Greggy on Instagram

Sep 23, 2015 38 comments
Rubber Side Up 16

Photo by Jeovany Alvarado

At a recent Golden Saddle Cyclery and Salsa Campout in Los Angeles, things got a lil loose after the campfire drinking began. Which is when Ty decided to have a bit of fun. Rubber Side Up ain’t always about crashin’, somethings it’s just about thrashin’, doing dumb things on a bike and taking a chance. Not that Ty wouldn’t have cleared this fire pit…

Sep 22, 2015 1 comment
James’ PBP Soma GR v1 Randonneur
James' PBP Soma GR v1 Randonneur

You don’t necessarily need a custom frame to compete in PBP. In fact, you don’t even need a true randonneuring frame. James started that way, with a Trek touring bike which he converted to a 650b wheel size. After that didn’t work out as planned, he sought out an affordable 650b frameset before finally landing on the Soma GR v1, which he promptly stripped it of its logos and repainted.

Now that he had a frame, he wanted to make the build something unique. You see, he has a penchant for customizing otherwise overlooked details with his bikes. Logos stripped, levers and derailleurs polished. In fact, one of the only logos visible on his bike are the Rene Herse cranks.

This year James competed in PBP and after he landed back stateside, he reassembled his bike and promptly dropped it off at Golden Saddle Cyclery, where the guys fixed an issue with his rear Powertap hub.

My favorite details on this bike happen to be the brake dust swirls on the tires and the dented fenders. This bike has been through the shit, for sure.

Sep 21, 2015 33 comments