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The cat’s, err, the jackal‘s out of the bag. The Radavist is relocating to Los Angeles thanks to a few opportunities that presented themselves recently. It’s a big change, but a welcomed one and I think you’ll all agree, California has it going on.


Aug 25, 2015 54 comments
Rubber Side Up 14

When it’s dusty, loose and hot, it’s easy to overcook those corners. Thanks for the laughs, Kyle!

Aug 24, 2015 2 comments
Do Your Part – Women’s Cycling in Los Angeles

Here’s a great video about what cycling is to the women of Los Angeles:

“For the longest time I wanted to do a piece on women’s cycling and got carried away with work, a cycling related accident and just life. The other day I was looking through my feed on Facebook and came across Asia’s post and that gave me the nudge I needed to make the video. I was hoping to get some interviews to feature on the video but Instead I let their riding do all the talking.

Special thanks to Mobbin’ Monday, OC Brakeless and Wolfpack Hustle (Don) for continually supporting
women’s cycling.”

Aug 19, 2015 Comments are OFF
The Official Get Sick Day Worldwide Recap – Sean Talkington

The Official Get Sick Day Worldwide Recap
Photos from a whole lotta folks and words by Sean Talkington

Think about what we use our personal or sick days for? Dumb stuff. Staying home sick (or if you have kids you stay home when they get sick), going to the doctor, going to the DMV, jury duty, visiting in-laws, funerals, etc. Question: What do all of these things have in common? The Answer: None of them are fun. Sure, you can schedule your vacation time around whatever events you want but what if you really just want or need a single day to get your head right? Can you just tell your boss “I think I am going to skip tomorrow and ride my bike locally all day with some buddies. Might do a little swimming too. Fuck it. Maybe even grab tacos after and watch the sunset.” Some of you have awesome bosses but the majority of us are afraid to take a day off for ourselves… (more…)

Jul 22, 2015 17 comments