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Golden Saddle Cyclery Sunday Social

This weekend brings about the second Golden Saddle Cyclery Sunday Social, featuring head to toe fit, a discussion on everything from bibs to shoes. This is a ladies-only event, so no men will be allowed in the shop at 6pm. There’s no need to sign up, just show up.

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Friday’s Office Meeting

There’s something about winter for me. I’m not sure if my body intentionally wants to take it easy before the hustle and bustle of spring hits, or if it’s just nice to sometimes dial back riding in the interest of not getting burnt out. Whatever the reason, each winter I find myself riding less and resting more. At least compared to normal frequencies. (more…)

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Shawn’s Titanium Serotta Concours Cross Bike
Shawn's Titanium Serotta Cross Bike

Shawn‘s lucky. He got out of the Northeast and landed in Los Angeles just in time to avoid all that pesky snow in NYC. A while back, the shop where he works, King Kog and Golden Saddle Cyclery here in LA worked out a swap of sorts. Shawn would come and work at GSC for a week this winter and later in the summer, one of the GSC employees would go work in Brooklyn at King Kog. Due to current events however, it seems like Shawn got real lucky with the weather and ultimately, the better deal!

While his home city is under snow, he’s been out riding in sunny SoCal on his titanium Serotta Concours ‘cross bike. While it’s a bit dated in terms of braking technology, this one broke plenty of technological advancements in its time. Serotta made lots of titanium bikes over the years and the Concourse was just one of them.

Shawn’s built it up with a mix of Force 10-speed shifters, a soon to the market AARN CX 1x chainring, an inverted King headset and Paul Motolite brakes on a Wound Up fork with some older Zipp 101 wheels and a Thomson cockpit. This bike has just the right amount of beausage and in an age where ‘cross bikes have almost entirely gone to disc brakes, it’s great seeing a timeless frameset like this getting some miles. Especially in the warm and sunny SoCal winter. Enjoy the weather while you can, Shawn!

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Always Reaching

Have a great weekend and if you can climb towards the sky. I can’t wait to share with you the stories that are coming next week!

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Those Winter Skies

… in the Angeles National Forest are mind blowing. I was going to go on with some lengthy wax poetics, but I thought I’d let this photo do the talking.

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Snow Day in LA

The city of 10,000,000 people have mountains that reach over 10,000′ that begin about 10 miles from town. In these mountains, when the temperature and pressure drop, sometimes we get snow. Usually just a light dusting, but enough to make the caps look white in the distance as you pedal or drive up Highway 2.

As previous experiences have proven
, this snow is sometimes ridable, sticking mostly to the plants and rock outcroppings, while leaving the trails tacky and the corners smooth.

That was our thoughts on Saturday evening as Kyle and I planned a Sunday morning venture into the Angeles National Forest: ridable trails. (more…)

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Los Angeles Had a Bicycle Highway
Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.09.38 PM

“But what most people don’t realize is that way back in 1900, Los Angeles began construction on the world’s first bike highway. During this bike-crazed era, cities across the US built the earliest precursors to today’s protected bike lanes — and the country as a whole was briefly at the forefront of global bicycle infrastructure.”

Check out more of this interesting historical story at Vox!

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That Doesn’t Look Like Los Angeles

But it is! We got a lot of rain this past week from our friend El Niño, which translated to snow from around 3,000′ and up. Now, LA doesn’t get snow that often, much less this much, especially in our drought conditions. This morning we decided to see just how much was dumped around 6,000′ up in the Angeles National Forest and were not surprised! More on this tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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