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The Hunt Criterium Photos

Photo by Juan Trujillo

This past weekend was London’s first track bike only criterium. Thrown by Tokyo Fixed Gear, the Hunt took racers to a snaking course in Hillingdon, where they raced for victory. Francesco Martucci from Italy took first place this year. Juan Trujillo took some photos from the race and you can see the rest here.

May 7, 2012 8 comments
Sol Smith on Breakbrake 17

Photo by Greg Falski

I absolutely love this photo of Sol Smith riding his new BB17 Serpent. If the bike looks a little funny to you, it’s because he spraypainted the entire thing without taking any parts off. Pretty wild. Check out more information at Ninja Cats! Congrats Sol, you’re one of my favorite dudes to watch ride.

Apr 23, 2012 6 comments
Red Bull Mini Drome London

I have still yet to race at a Min Drome and they look like so much fun. Check out the video here, Red Bull Mini Drome. Juliet, you took a nasty fall! You’re one bad-ass girl!

Mar 27, 2012 Comments are OFF
Ninja Cats: Ninjas in Paris

Here’s a video put out by the non-stop FGFS crew in London known as Ninja Cats. These guys put new videos up weekly and the latest edit, featuring Sol and Oscar is not to be missed. Excuse the shaky camera throughout most of it and catch some of that creativity these two are known for as they shred spots in Paris. Some of this video is from a pegless jam where Oscar took first place, reppin Breakbrake 17 and Spike.

Mar 12, 2012 4 comments