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Reader’s Rides: Kareem Shehab’s Leader Pharoah FGFS
KS-LB-Roof 1

Since I don’t really do any kind of bike-check posts, the only label I could think that would be appropriate for this is Reader’s Rides. Plus it mixes it up from the normal track bike we see in that tag. Kareem’s been in the FGFS scene for as long as just about anyone. His recent relocation from Atlanta to Seattle, landed him in the middle of a great group of people, including Jake Ricker. Check out more photos of Kareem’s Leader Pharoah below, all courtesy of Jake and his Contax!


Aug 3, 2012 13 comments
Alonso and His Leader Track

I’ve got a few photos that were in the Tour of California sets that I’ll be posting up on their own this week, starting with Alonso and his Leader. I love those wheels…

Nice to see you again man!

May 22, 2012 3 comments