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Golden Saddle Cyclery Kit Pre-Order Ends Soon!

The gals and guys at Golden Saddle Cyclery are keeping the pre-order for their kits open until September 4th, so get on it!

Pre-order men’s jersey…HERE!

Pre-order unisex bib…HERE!

Pre-order women’s jersey…HERE!

Pre-order women’s short…HERE!

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Kitted, So Kitted: The Fyxomatosis Predator Kit
Kitted, So Kitted: The Fyxomatosis Predator Kit

I think it’s safe to say that the whole camo thing is at its prime so simply slapping an ambiguous pattern on a cycling kit, or apparel isn’t going to cut it. There has to be something unique, or even vernacular about the presentation. Enter the Fyxomatosis “Predator” cycling kit.

Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform, or Auscam was developed in the 70′s and 80′s. Used by the Australian Defence Force, Auscam is very distinctly Australian. As Australian as meat pies and yes, as Australian as Fyxo himself.

Andy sent me one of these kits a few weeks back, which I subsequently shredded (literally) on the first MTB ride. Since Andy still owes me $999.99 from a bet, I told him I’d clear his debt if he sent me another one and here it is.

The kit itself is made from really nice fabric and stuff. The fabric is as Italian as a cannoli stain on an Armani suit, uses YKK zippers, J-TECK dies for crisp sublimation, UV protection SPF 25+ and has passed extensive PiNP x FYXO testing in only the finest lab conditions (i.e. the wood).

While the US dollar is stronger than the AUS, scoop one up at FYXO… and yes, this stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

See more photos in the Gallery and all the fit information, plus detail photos you need at FYXO.

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Necronomicog Kits Are Almost Done

Photo by Bo Bickerstaff

Thanks for being patient everyone. As you can imagine, this time of year is busy for ENDO. The kits are almost done. I’m leaving town (again) for a few weeks and will return on the 6th of August to Austin, where I’ll ship the kits out as soon as I’m home. Realistically, you’ll have the kits on the 10th of August for domestic orders.

Seriously, the support this round was incredible. Thank you and all hail the Necronomicog.


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New Upness Gear

The crew at Upness just launched their new web shop. Check out the offerings here and pre-order the new Upness kit here! Wanna know more about Upness? Check out the interview over at FOLLY.

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Peonfx: Raven Kit Pre-order

Peonfx and Pias Cycles recently teamed up to compete in the Tour of Singapore and to commemorate their partnership, they designed the Raven kits. Check out more at Peonfx, where you can pre-order the kit.

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Waking Up With TCB

Nice one from TCB Courier in support of their new kit pre-order!

“When we’re not busy on the streets, you can find the riders of TCB keeping it real and always looking it fresh in SF. Support us in raising money for a new cargo bike by picking up a TCB kit, so we can bring more food to you faster! The kit, produced by Endo Customs, is available now in our web store at Pre-order ends June 30th!”

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