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Stoked on Fixed Bikes 12

The newest issue of Greg Falski’s free online publication, Stoked on Fixed Bikes is now online. There’s a great article on Joe McKeag and a Other Side of Lens interview with me. Check it out above or on the Issuu page.

I love that photo of Dan!

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Matt Lingo Gets Visitors in San Diego

Photos by Matt Lingo

San Diego is where Matt Lingo calls home and over the past few weeks, a bunch of the Cali FGFS riders have made the trip down to shoot with him, both in his studio and out at spots. The photo above is of Congo, but check out a few more of Santos, McKeag and Johnny below.


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Wolf Drawn: 2012 B Roll

Matt compiled all the extra footage from 2012 into a quick, two and a half minute B Roll edit.

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Joe McKeag for Bombtrack

Joe has been stacking clips on his new Bombtrack rig for a while now and finally put this edit up. His style is still one of the best around and even though I can’t help but think of Donnie Darko here, it’s well worth the watch. The dude just hammers away nollie bar 180s, 180 tables and clean 720 airs at the local park.

Dec 12, 2012 2 comments
An August of Joe McKeag

I’ve said it since the beginning: Joe McKeag rips. I met him two years ago and he was already killing it. Now, in his newest video, he shreds the streets, parks and ditches of Long Beach. So good!

Sep 9, 2012 8 comments
#FF Power Hour 1-Year

This is so sick. Nothing like some super street tech with the LBC guys and JRuff from Seattle. Good vibes here.

Sep 8, 2012 2 comments