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New Pump Cold Brew POM Jersey

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Jesse Carmody’s cold brew coffee company PUMP has a new jersey out. In the spirit of the Tour and the beloved KOM jersey, the POM, or Pumped on Mountains jersey is right at home in Southern California as much as it is on your home terrain. Pre-order one now by emailing PUMP and check out more photos at Jesse’s Flickr.

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Peonfx: Raven Kit Pre-order

Peonfx and Pias Cycles recently teamed up to compete in the Tour of Singapore and to commemorate their partnership, they designed the Raven kits. Check out more at Peonfx, where you can pre-order the kit.

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Geekhouse Bikes and Cuppow Club Kit Pre-Order

Photos by Heather McGrath

The long-awaited Cat 1 for Fun, Geekhouse Bikes and Cuppow! Club kits are now available for pre-order. These Endo Customs explosions of radness are made by Endo Customs and are guaranteed to enable you to have fun on the bike.

Best of all, if you can’t fork out the money for a kit, Geekhouse also has a cap, bottles and a sock pre-order and they’re made by Defeet (Aireator Hi-Top), the best socks around!

Pre-order your dose of fun at Geekhouse!

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Fyxomatosis: Carrefour Jersey

One of the best FYXO jerseys is now available. Introducing the Carrefour.

“French for crossroads / intersection.  This design is a collision between FYXO colours and the Mapei cubes synonymous with Paris-Roubaix thanks to their doping dominance in the 90s.

Melburn’s cobbled back alleys are thousands of miles from the stone farm roads of Northern France, but at speed and with the ringing of cowbells, the bumpy experience is the same.

If you are ever at the crossroads, always go North.  Hell awaits you.”

Pick one up here!

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Twin Six: The Bike Jerks Jersey

I love it when two legit companies (err personalities?) come together on a straight-forward and simple product. Bike Jerks (aka Jeff the Party Boy) and Twin Six probably worked out the design for this jersey over a case of beer and a bottle of Jack. Or on a cross ride. Or… who knows. However it came together, I’m stoked for both of them.

Scoop up one or five of the Bike Jerks Twin Six jerseys here and check out a photo of a bear at the Bike Jerks clubhouse below.


May 30, 2013 2 comments
Tenspeed Heroisms

Sorry for the slow morning. I had to go ride this morning to shake off the jetlag. While I was jamming out with some friends, I wore my new TSH Shark Tooth Cap. As I sat at the top of one of the steepest climbs in Austin, I couldn’t help but appreciate its radness. Now, I am no hero but TSH’s products make me smile. That’s worth something.

The radness continues with the new Tenspeed Heroisms: the LA GIRAFE SPORTIVE and the HÉLICOPTÈRE are bringing more of that much-needed playfulness to cycling.

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Review: Search and State S1-A Jersey and S1-S Bibs
This kit is as comfy on the bike as it is in the grass.

Without a doubt, green is a color of spring…

I’ve been a supporter of Search and State since I first caught wind of their operations in New York City. Their S1-A jersey is a staple in my daily rotation (see my older product review here) and now, the S1-S bibs have been providing me with comfortable rides on all my bikes. S&S’s line is minimally branded, made in New York City from technical fabrics and is far from your standard cycling apparel.

So far, I’ve logged about 10 rides in the shorts, washed them, hung them out to dry and even dried them on medium heat. They still look brand new and they hold their black dye. I know the price might seem a little steep, but bibs are something you’ll wear much more than a jersey. Plus, they’re each made by hand in NYC and domestic production is a little more expensive for a reason.

As far as fit is concerned, I’d rate their sizing a bit like a club cut. If you’re unsure which size to get, go down. I usually wear an medium or large in club bibs and XL in race cut. Here, I’m wearing a large and the fit is comfortable, without being restricting. What I’m most impressed with though is the detailing and how soft the fabric feels. That and they look great with any jersey…

While this particular color-pairing looks great on the road, it also beckons for the ‘wood, so I took to the trails yesterday afternoon before shooting these photos. Check out my thoughts on these two garments in the narrated Gallery.

Search and State S1-A Riding Jersey $125
Search and State S1-S Riding Short $210

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