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Compass Cycle Introduces a New Chromoly Rack

Finding a strong, lightweight, chromoly rack ain’t easy. Especially one that has the light mount on the correct (for US riders) side. That’s why Compass went straight to the source: Japan’s Nitto to fabricate their new rack. It’s got a 22lb carrying capacity, comes in at 167g and yes, has the light mount on the road side, not the shoulder side.

See more at Compass and read up on the rack at the BQ journal.

Jan 27, 2016 7 comments
Gilette and Keirin

What an interesting pairing… Gillette takes a look at Japan’s Keirin racing in an ad spot for their razors.

Oct 5, 2015 1 comment
Gourmet Century Asuke

This year Chris King’s Gourmet Century took to the wonderful backroads of Japan, landing in Asuke, a town in the Higashikamo District. Here’s a ride report from Terasu.

Aug 31, 2015 1 comment
Blue Lug: MCR65 Stem and RM-3 Dirt Drop

Nitto’s newest offerings are now in stock at Blue Lug in Japan. The MCR65 Stem and RM-3 Dirt Drop are for 1 1/8″ bikes looking to be run with a high position dirt drop but in a classic design. These new shapes are available in black or silver and as evident in the photo above, add a different feel to a bike like the Surly Crosscheck.

Aug 3, 2015 3 comments