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7Mesh Launches Mens and Womens Collection

Canadian outerwear company 7Mesh first launched their products at Interbike last year. Yesterday they made it official with a new website and stock for both their mens and womens collection. Head over to 7Mesh to read up on the company and browse their stock.

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Search and State: S1-J Riding Jacket in Sandstone

Search and State’s popular S1-J Riding Jacket is back for 2015 in a new color. For those who don’t like wearing head to toe black (what is wrong with you!?), there’s a new option: Sandstone. Head over to Search and State to see more information. I might add that this is one of my favorite cycling jackets I own.

Made in New York.

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Kitsbow: Alpine Snap Jacket

These past few cut and sew pieces from Kitsbow are some of my favorite apparel items to surface in the bike industry. The Alpine Snap Jacket is an new spin on a classic staple for both touring or mountain biking, as well as general outdoor activities. While other companies use down, Kitsbow uses Polartec® Alpha insulation, originally designed for the United States Special Forces, which will keep you warm whether you’re wet or dry, without having to remove layers.

The pricepoint ain’t exactly cheap, but the Alpine Snap Jacket is made in Vancouver, Canada and looks like it’ll be a piece you’ll be holding onto for a while.

See more at Kitsbow.

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Rapha’s New Pro Team Softshell Jacket

One thing is for certain: Rapha knows their outerwear and cold weather apparel. Every jacket I’ve owned of theirs has been top-notch, far exceeding my own expectations, especially when it comes to the wind, rain and cold. For 2015, Rapha has introduced their new Pro Team Softshell Jacket and it looks to uphold that aforementioned pedigree.

Read more at Rapha.

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Rapha: Pro Team Softshell Jacket

It’s almost time for those long, slow, cold and sometimes wet, base miles. With road season near and there being just enough time for some last minute holiday shopping, Rapha introduces their Pro Team Softshell Jacket, designed to help you brave the elements.

See more details and availability at Rapha.

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Mission Workshop’s AP Remi Hooded Blazer and Styrman Topcoat

Remi Hooded Blazer

Mission Workshop’s Advanced Projects line has continued to grow, most recently with two waterproof, tailored outerwear pieces: the Remi Hooded Blazer and Styrman Topcoat. Each of these pieces hold true to the AP line with fully taped seams, pockets and ported media pockets.

These two pieces are cut for movement, but hardly look like any cycling apparel the brand has launched thus far. More details are in the works with the official release coming in the near future.

Come check out these two pieces in person tonight, along with the new ACRE series apparel at the Mission Workshop store opening in SF and see more photos below.


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Surly: Waxed Canvas Jacket

Surly’s new Waxed Canvas Jacket looks even better in person than in their product shots. I was waiting until I could see and touch one before I posted about it. This thing is serious. It’s made from, yep, waxed canvas, with venting on the backshoulders, “bum thumb” holes and lined with merino wool but the details don’t stop there.

It comes in black and olive drab, with a retail of $250, which when you compare it to other waxed canvas jackets, is a deal. It’s only available at a select few retailers. See the list below.

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The Kinoko Castelli Winter Jacket

Kinoko Cycles has a new spin on the classic Castelli Windstopper jacket, with a new “K” pattern on the back pocket and a simple, clean design that’s sure to fit in with any of your favorite riding apparel choices. See more at Kinoko.

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Mission Workshop: Limited Edition Polartec® NeoShell® Orion Jackets

There’s “lightweight” and then there’s LIGHTWEIGHT. I’ve held this jacket in my mortal hands and it is amazing…

“We got our hands on some special cuts of Polartec’s NeoShell® fabric in colors not typically found in the Mission Workshop line and made some limited editions of our classic Orion jacket. The Orion provides complete waterproof protection in a lightweight and packable format, and is made with 96 g/m2 Polartec® NeoShell® fabric. The relaxed cycling fit combined with durable stretch fabrics enables maximum movement. Available for the first time in colors that will be noticed by everyone around you.”

Swoop up at Mission Workshop. Seriously, this is a worthy investment…

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