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Caleb’s Hufnagel Porteur

The Hufnagel porteurs are my all time favorite, especially since Jordan has put the frame building torch aside while he and West America-partner James head south to Mexico on their dirt bikes. The rugged, utilitarianism of these frames is only exceeded by the sophistication and lack of ostentation. Fillet brazed, simple and mostly made with domestically-produced components, they’re timeless…

Caleb’s one of the locals here in Austin that owns one and every time I see it, I get a tad bit jealous. Especially knowing that Jordan has a single speed version in my size for sale right now (56cm ST 61cm TT). If you’re interested in that, email him! In the meantime, check out more photos of Caleb’s Hufnagel Porteur in the Gallery!

Nov 19, 2013 10 comments
Danner Boots Fall 2013 with Jordan and James

If you’ve been paying attention to West America, you would have seen that Jordan Hufnagel has sold all of his frame building tools and is heading to Patagonia with James Crowe, his shop mate. Before they leave, however, they’re finishing up some projects with US manufacturers. One of those companies is Danner Boots. Here’s a video lookbook the guys helped put together.

All I have to say is: rope swing.

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Jesse’s Hufnagel Fire Road Racer
Beautiful Bicycle: Jesse's Hufnagel Fire Road Racer

Ok, brace yourselves here. This bike is absolutely stunning. It’s no secret that Jordan Hufnagel made some Beautiful Bicycles in his days as a frame builder and I feel like in the last few months of his torch time, the bikes he built were so full of class and character. Ty’s cross, his own porteur and Jesse’s “Fire Road Racer”.

When you are from LA, you’re very familiar with the various fire roads and singletrack off-shoots. After spending time on his road bike, carefully descending down these rutted and rocky descents, Jesse decided it was time for a more fitting vehicle… See more in Gallery!

May 16, 2013 26 comments
Beautiful Bicycle: Ryan’s Hufnagel Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Ryan's Hufnagel Road

“I just wanted something simple and white.” That was Ryan’s reply when I mentioned how much I loved his Hufnagel road bike on our ride. I get a lot of people asking to go on rides here in Austin when they visit and I usually take them on a quick 20-30 mile route. The day starts out with “is that all we’re doing?” and ends with “holy shit, these climbs are steep!”. That’s what we did on Monday. 25 miles, 3,100′ of climbing.

Ryan’s Hufnagel is as far as I know, one of three in Texas. Jordan isn’t building bicycles anymore but he made a few for people in Texas when he was and they’re just as nice as his later bikes. With the signature seatstay treatment and his fondness for deep stays, the bikes just scream personality, without being too ostentatious. They’re just tastefully done. An elegant paint job and Campy 11 was exactly what Ryan requested: something simple and white.

Feb 6, 2013 30 comments
Hufnagel Cycles for Ace Hotel Portland

This came out pretty rad. Jordan Hufnagel for the Ace in PDX:

“Jordan Hufnagel is not only our friend and one of the raddest people on the globe, he is also a top shelf bicycle crafter. Before setting off on a homemade motorcycle toward South America this summer with no possessions and no plans, he made a fleet of four beautiful bikes for Ace Hotel Portland with his bare hands.

We caught the process on film, and rode them all over to the hotel from his workshop in SE one late summer’s eve. Along the way, we met cop horses, innocent standers-by and a long-lost part of ourselves, it seems. When you’re staying with us in Portland, you can rent one for the day and roll in style. They have a nice rack on the front (not that kind!) so you can pick up loot and local goods along the way.”

Thanks for sharing Kyle!

Dec 17, 2012 13 comments
Jordan Hufnagel’s 650b Dirt Porteur
Beautiful Bicycle: Jordan Hufnagel's 650b Dirt Porteur

I’ve already featured this Beautiful Bicycle once, but it was fully decked out in “city mode” during my Shop Visit to Hufnagel Cycles.

When Giro began making their selections for who would get to preview and review their New Road line, I was surprised to see Hufnagel‘s name on the list. He’s a huge advocate of environmentally responsible construction and sustainability. Sure enough though, the merino in the New Road line is from New Zealand, not China and it’s made in San Francisco… Sounds like a perfect match.

But what would Jordan ride? His city bike of course. Stripped of the porteur accoutrement, it became a lively gravel machine. Even the 420mm chainstays with 650b wheels didn’t hold Mr. Hufnagel back from getting rad on this bike. Here I was, thinking a cross bike was the ideal travel bike and yet, this thing looked pretty freaking rad.

Oct 23, 2012 33 comments
Day 03 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot
Day 03 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot

Let me just preface this post by saying I wish I could show you more photos from the Giro New Road photo shoot. Even getting clearance for posting up these took a little bit of eye-batting and begging. But man, am I ever glad I got to share them.

Day 03 began as Ty, Jordan and I took off for the hills adjacent to our ranch. Super steep gravel climbs and windy singletrack was no challenge for Ty and Jordan as the sunlight broke through the trees. They just flowed through the rocky gravel as videographers and photographers tried to capture the essence of New Road. Later on, the afternoon was spent out on HWY 1 at the mouth of the Navarro River. Climbing up and down the hills, before grabbing lunch, and finally dinner.

Some of the photos shown here give you an idea of what Giro is going for in the New Road. But keep in mind, the details that make this line different from any other will be under wraps for now. Till then, enjoy these photos and don’t miss Ty’s crossie wall ride sequence!

Oct 22, 2012 21 comments